‘Empowered Bites’ is a collaboration with Tam and Dr. Rachel on a mission to highlight restaurants that ‘do it right’ to combine the beauty of gastronomy and health. The first in the series is filmed at Just Be Kitchen in Denver, CO. Here’s the video.

Tam John is the author of A Fresh Wellness Mindset: Personalize Your Food Life & Find Your Truth about Gluten. The book is a guide for families to navigate food sensitivities, allergies and live compliant with food protocols. The book is a guide to support pillars of wellness: digestion and blood sugar balance.


The enlightened guidance I provide my clients, attendees to my events, and impart the readers of my book and articles is based on Master of Science research design and analysis education; my undergraduate double major degree in Human Services Administration and Sociology;  certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP); never ending study to keep up with the newest information in nutritional science; traditional wisdom; and my personal knowledge and intellectual property.   

I am a frequent contributor to magnificent publications including Avid Lifestyle, VoyageDenver, Simply Gluten Free, Thrive Global, DrLaura.com, Wellness.com, and Beliefnet.com

I have completed two University level horticultural programs which gave me the science behind the thrill of watching the seed germinate, flower and produce fruit and vegetables.   I've been an heirloom veggie gardener for nearly a decade.  I believe the power of real lively food is nourishing for Body, Mind and Spirit.  

For many years I was a 'corporate thriver' as a top sales producer and trailblazer for tech companies and the President of a Best in Class Tech Company I founded in Denver, CO.   I loved the constant change, fast pace and ability to make a difference in people's lives.   Then over the course of the last years of my corporate career, I began to feel my energy struggle.  My enjoyment of life was severely stifled.   My very mobility was becoming an issue.  Inner inflammation was presenting itself outwardly.   I experienced a cascade of severe dysfunction in my body. 

I began following the trail to Physicians and Practitioners to figure out how I could restore myself.  The information I received was conflicting until I came to know my food choices and stress levels were causative factors in what ailed my body.  I wasn't perfect, but according to American standards I ate a clean and healthy diet.  You see, creating health had always been something I valued.  And as far as stress was concerned, I didn’t know how to detrimental stress was to my well-being.

I began peeling back my beliefs, habits and choices. I began to learn the healing power of food and how nourishment works.  I removed offensive food I used to think of as healthy and added truly healing food for my body.  I emphasize the personalized approach because I learned what's healthful for my body is different than others.  I learned how to change my physiological response to stress. We are all unique as our fingerprint inside and out. This is why I impart a personally meaningful guidance for my clients.

A healthful journey is one of expansion, both an art and a science.   I've described my journey to restoration in my title:  A Fresh Wellness Mindset.  The book is a scientifically referenced guide for anyone to easily create a food life for optimal health, ease and satisfaction.  The book guides people to navigate the gluten free movement and whether grains are right for them.  It is a guide to navigate food sensitivities and allergens. The book isn't a call to follow what I did.  The book doesn’t recommend one diet.  The book is a guide for readers to restore and protect their vital energy with choices personally appealing for their senses and bio-chemistry.  The book guides readers to navigate the modern food supply with ingenuity. 

Beyond practicing the amazing power of real food right for me, I integrate balance of work, play, rest and stress recovery for my healthful life.  I know all the pieces of our lives play together to create our wellness status and how great life feels.  Right now my life is simple and easy by design which feels amazingly happy and healthy to me.  I am an avid gardener; hike around new trails with my Labrador Daisy, enjoy great Pilates workouts and yoga sessions; am a creator of fantastic recipes; love any chance I get to be on water; and enjoy my friends and family.

I have taken my fingers to the keyboard once again for a second book, this time a fiction. I am also drafting a series of children’s books.

I convey to everyone I am blessed to work with that signs/symptoms are messages from the body that something is off.  Left unattended they will likely progress and manifest into larger health issues.   Don’t do what I did for years and let your own Yeah Buts get in the way of what is real. 

Be Your Beautiful Self,

Tam John

A Fresh Wellness Mindset inspires and empowers personalized healthful choices.

Learn the art and science of choosing healthfully for life. Navigate a life free of gluten, truth about grain nourishment, modern food ingredients, support food sensitivities and learn if you can reintroduce once problematic foods. The book includes 19 recipes for every meal and snacks.