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Personalized Holistic Nutrition

Several things have changed since we started working together. First, I’m losing weight for the first time in a long time - no extra exercise and no weird dieting. Second, I do feel better overall…. And I’m sleeping better, not getting up in the night.
— G. R. - Client, EatRight-LiveWell










Work with me.  Schedule a 15 minute complimentary conversation.                                    You talk.  I Listen.  Find out if my approach is right for you.                                                                

Food is the foundation of how we fuel our bodies for life.  You can't make healthy choices until you know which choices are healthy for you.   Not all healthy food is healthy for everyone.   Choices impact strength, mobility, sleep, nutrient uptake, restoration, rejuvenation, natural detoxification and more.  You need healthy function for the journey of life.  Whether or not you experience well-being and healthy function is a direct result of the food and lifestyle choices you make.  EatRight-LiveWell's approach guides you to make healthy choices you love so your body will love you back.  When done right, living optimally is easy, delicious and satisfying.

Get started with Personalized Holistic Nutrition...

1:1  Personalized Consultations for You.  Using non-invasive clinical assessment, EatRight-LiveWell will help you get to the bottom (root cause or source) of what is zapping your energy and giving you annoying signs and symptoms.   We don't recommend deprivation diets.   We cater to your wellness goals, preferences and the pace that works for you.  You get a plan uniquely designed for your unique bio-chemistry and where your body is asking for targeted nutritional and lifestyle support, based on the assessment.  You learn a lifestyle you can fully live with.  Personalized Holistic Nutrition done right is delicious, simple and satiating.  From our office in Greenwood Village, Colorado,  Tam John will consult with you via phone or video from anywhere in the country or in person in Colorado.  

Corporate Services:  The best companies measuring success by delivering on values based missions and by exceeding earnings goals must have top talent.  These people know how to care for themselves in a way fundamental to support their body and mind for thriving, not just surviving.  We will speak to your large or small groups and meet with team members 1:1.  Tam's corporate background is a perfect foundation to inspire leadership and teams with ideas for bright healthy energy for the mission.  

Contact Us to collaborate on topics just right for your company.   We have lots of ideas to get the conversation going.  Tailoring topics for your leadership and teams will give you a launching pad to your desired destination.  

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  • With non-invasive clinical assessment, find the source of your body's distress.  
  • It's All About You.
  • Healthy Easy Meals you love will nourish and restore. 
  • Nourish your Vital Energy and Relieve Stress.    


About Me


A long time 'corporate thriver', business owner and business development leader, Tam found her own health challenged.   She thought she made healthful choices.  She learned not all healthy food is healthful for everyone.  Inspired by personal restoration, Tam now guides people to empowerment with real food just right for them.  True nourishment of Body, Mind and Spirit appeals to how we are in sync with intelligent energy.  Tam John can help you flourish too!

 Photo by  Katie Smith  on  Unsplash

Photo by Katie Smith on Unsplash

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 Photo by Kevin Young on Unsplash

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Wellness Discovery

  • begin with a complimentary 15 minute phone conversation.

  • find out if the EatRight-LiveWell approach is a fit for you.  

  • based on your wellness goals, intake information and assessment we will develop a Personalized Plan for you. 

  • Restore vibrant wellness.

  • Protect Your Vitality.



your body is meant for wellness