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No one should care more about your well-being than you do. Regardless of the status of your health or how near or far you are from making choices healthy for you, have firm resolve to make choices aligned with your well-being.
— Tam John on being your own wellness advocate in 'A Fresh Wellness Mindset'

 Photo courtesy of Brooke Cagel on Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Brooke Cagel on Unsplash












Work with me.  Schedule a 15 minute complimentary conversation.   

You talk.  I Listen.  Find out if my approach is right for you.                                                                

  Functional nutrition is Delicious, Satisfying & Nourishing

Tam will Guide you to make healthful choices for you  

Not all healthy food is healthful for everyone

Navigating the modern food supply healthfully takes ingenuity

Functional Nutrition is the basis for making choices in alignment with optimal wellness and bodily function.  Think breathing, heart pumping blood to every cell of your body, energy creation, movement, natural detoxification, protection from invaders, rejuvenation, repair and growth at all ages.  This is how life is meant to flow.  You aren't meant to endure pain, discomfort and suffering.  Yes our bodies go through time, but we are designed for wellness.  

Trillions of functions your body performs to keep it working go unnoticed by you until something is amiss.  The messages your body conveys are signs and symptoms indicating imbalance or something off kilter.  These messages may seem minor, like insomnia, fatigue, digestive discomfort, irregular blood pressure, unstable blood sugar, etc.  In reality these messages are not normal function.  They can manifest to dis-ease and diagnoses when left unattended to.  Tam's assessment and plans are geared to restore deficiencies and balance excesses for better function.  She works in tandem with your Physician's recommendations to complement and support natural wellness.  

In our busy modern lives there is often a tendency to ineffectively negotiate with ourselves.  As if you don’t deserve better (you do deserve better), you may think Yeah ButYeah Buts include:  I have so much to be thankful for and everyone is experiencing this.

Yeah Buts may be oh so true, however, by making easy, smart, targeted, personalized choices just right for you, you can erase the signs and symptoms.  Your body is brilliantly designed to reward small consistent [and healthful for you] change with greatly improved function.  Hence, Functional Nutrition supports you beautifully for optimal strength, mobility, sleep, nutrient uptake, restoration, rejuvenation, natural detoxification, growth and more.

Perhaps best of all, when done well, Functional Holistic Nutrition is delicious, easy and satisfying.  Functional Nutrition is Holistic because it is based on real lively food.

My approach is integrative and personalized.  I take Functional Holistic Nutrition up a notch because I personalize recommendations for your unique being.  All of your inputs determine how wellness plays in your life.  I will guide you to incorporate food, drink, lifestyle (rest, motion/exercise, etc) and stress management recommendations uniquely right for you.  Learn to honor your beautiful being with choices truly healthful for you and enjoy your life more.  

Get started with a complimentary conversation with Tam John

 1:1 Personalized Consultations for You:   The assessment I engage has been around for decades (based on time honored principles).  It is non-invasive (meaning you are asked questions and don't provide samples) which guide the interpretation of your body’s everyday signs and symptoms to reveal where your body is asking for targeted nutritional support.  The results are completely personalized and unique for you.  It guides to get to the bottom (root cause or source) of what is zapping your energy and giving you annoying signs and symptoms so your body can be supported and signs/symptoms cleared.  I never repeat a client plan because each person is unique.

The plan and recommendations I provide cater to your wellness goals, preferences and the pace that works for you.   It's all based on the latest in nutrition science.  I don't recommend deprivation diets.   You learn a lifestyle you can fully live with because it is designed just for you.  You will receive between appointment support with ideas, guides, tips and adjustments to set you up for success.  From my office in Greenwood Village, Colorado, I will consult with you via phone or video to anywhere in the country or in person in Colorado.  

Company Wellness Programs:   An important business strategy.  Better financial results flow from more productive, energetic and bright employees.   Cost savings associated with well implemented plans evidences itself as less sick time, lower healthcare costs, improved morale, less turnover, and makes your company more attractive to top talent. 

Tam John's EatRight-LiveWell approach combines mindset shift and habit transformation engaging time honored principles and the latest in nutrition science. Participants learn how to make satisfying choices aligned with goals that are easy for them to incorporate in demanding work environments and busy lives.  Programs include personalized assessments and metrics, interactive group presentations, demonstrations, nutrition challenges, goal charts, mindset shifting techniques and more.  

Contact Tam to collaborate on topics just right for your company.   Tam's corporate background is a perfect foundation to inspire leadership and teams with techniques for bright healthy energy for the mission.    

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  • Restore & Protect your Vital Energy 
  • Cultivate a Better Feeling Life
  • Honor your Sensitivity
  • Develop & Hone your Skills
  • Make Truly Healthful Choices
  • Replace Depletion with Rejuvenation    


Tam John

Author & Certified Functional Holistic Nutritionist (NTP)

Creating health is a priority for me.  Years before I became ill, I thought I made healthful choices when in fact, some of my best intended choices were harming me.  Now I guide my clients to intercept the signs and symptoms (messages from your body) by making easy choices truly healthful for you. 

Discomfort, pain and burden aren't normal.  Don't wait until you are ill.  I will guide you to make changes in sync with your unique being so you can feel better sooner. You are worthy of reaching your wellness goals and loving your life more! 

~Tam John

 Photo by  Katie Smith  on  Unsplash

Photo by Katie Smith on Unsplash

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 Photo by Kevin Young on Unsplash

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 Photo by on Unsplash


Wellness Discovery

  • begin with a complimentary 15 minute phone conversation

  • find out if Tam's EatRight-LiveWell approach is a fit for you  

  • based on your wellness goals, intake information and assessment Tam will develop a Personalized Plan for you 

  • Restore vibrant wellness

  • Protect Your Vitality



your body is meant for wellness

  • Hopelessness to Hopeful
  • Perpetual Rejuvenation
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