'There is a Force Within that Gives You Life. Seek That.' ~RUMI
  • tired of Feeling depleted?

  • You Think You make healthful choices, but something is off.

  • Truth is You Cannot Make Healthy Choices Until You Know what Choices are Healthy for you.

  • let me guide you to Restoration just right for you.

  • no more diets!

  • no deprivation!

  • healthy choices feel amazing!









Personalized Wellness Coaching

We are each bio-chemically unique. We thrive on different foods. Real lively food targeted for your body is a means of restoring healthy internal function. I guide my clients to make choices to Eat Right & Live Well with ease.
— Tam John, Certified Nutritionist











Food is the foundation of how we fuel our body for the day ahead, and while it is vitally important to nourish your body with good food, we also get energy or lack thereof from lifestyle choices.   Our choices impact strength, mobility, sleep, stress and more to also nourish our body.  We need all of this for the journey of life, so we can do what we want to do with our life.   Choices create a cascade of good (or otherwise) to impact many areas of our well-being.    Sustaining small changes, the defeating behavior or habits can easily fall away while vitality and well-being flood us with joy.  I will guide you to make choices you love so your body will love you back.

Here is how you can get started with small changes to reshape your well-being...

1:1  Personalized Consultations for You.  Using non-invasive clinical assessment I will help you get to the bottom (root cause or source) of what is zapping your energy and giving you annoying signs and symptoms.  The body is designed for wellness to be dominant.  My training as a Holistic Nutritionist helps get to how you can support optimal wellness and vibrant energy with real food.  It isn't a 'diet'.  There is zero deprivation.  Based on your wellness goals, input and how much you want to do, I make a plan to guide you to feel great.  My recommendations are designed for you - your unique bio-chemistry, your likes and preferences.  Holistic Nutrition done right is delicious, simple and satiating.  You will move positively toward the wellness you desire.  Based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, I work with people via phone, video chat and in person.  

Corporate Services:  The best companies measuring success by delivering on values based missions and exceeding earnings goals must have top talent for their mission.  Top talent knows how to care for themselves in a way fundamental to support the human body for thriving, not just surviving.  I inspire leadership and teams with ideas for bright energy for the mission.  

Contact Me to collaborate on topics just right for your company.  I have lots of ideas to get the conversation going.  The importance of tailoring topics for your leadership and teams is to give you a launching pad to your desired destination.  

Photo courtesy of Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Brooke Cagle on Unsplash





  • With non-invasive clinical assessment, you will know the source of your body's distress.  
  • It's All About You.
  • Healthy Easy Meals you love will nourish and restore. 
  • Nourish your Vital Energy and Relieve Stress.    


About Me


With a track record for awesome success in an ever-changing highly competitive tech field in Denver, CO, I yearned for change.  My body begged to be restored from wrong food choices and overwork ....  I found my Wellness Groove with food and by following my heart's desire.  Now I  empower people with real food just right for them and an approach Mother Nature herself designed.  I can help you flourish too!

Photo by Katie Smith on Unsplash

Photo by Katie Smith on Unsplash

 Photo by Kevin Young on Unsplash

 Photo by Kevin Young on Unsplash

 Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

 Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash


Wellness Discovery

  • begin with a complimentary 15 minute phone conversation.

  • find out if my approach is a fit for you.  

  • based on your wellness goals, intake information and assessment I will develop a Personalized Plan for you. 

  • Because you are one of a kind.




your body is meant for wellness

  • Let's chat. 
  • I would love to hear your goals and challenges.
  • You will know if my approach and services are a fit for you. 
  • Call or Contact me to schedule your free call.