1:1 Consults

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You Deserve a Better Feeling Life

Elevate yourself above the many who falsely negotiate with themselves and play down poor feelings by giving blame to aging, genetics or something outside their control.

Aging isn't meant to feel terrible and depleted.  Aging isn't meant to be life without consistent good night sleep.  Aging well isn't moody or depressed.  Genetics aren't a life sentence.  You can alter your genetics (Epigenetics) with food and lifestyle choices that taste delicious and satisfy you.  Digestive and other symptoms are not Normal.  Function left to struggle can manifest into dis-ease.  Your body is designed for wellness.

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Personalized 1:1 Consultations are the way to find healthy  choices for you and make it easy to Eat Right & Live Well.  Tam John's approach guides people to optimal living by getting to the bottom (the source or root cause) of why they aren't feeling well.   This approach guides you to long lasting transformation.  Tam never recommends deprivation diets.  Instead, you are guided to make choices aligned with your natural well-being so your body can function well.  

Your body uses signs and symptoms as a messaging system to tell you where it is burdened and asking for targeted support.  Without tapping into these messages you may be left to guess what is healthful for you based on what others are eating.  You may be surprised at how delicious it is to nourish yourself and turn back mischievous signs and symptoms to wellness.   

Tam's method engages functional and non-invasive clinical assessment to get to the bottom of where your body is asking for nutritional therapy.  She isn't taking fluid samples, rather she uses a detailed functional evaluation to get the answers.  Without the intelligent guidance the assessments and Tam's nutritional science training imparts, it is common to go in unproductive directions.  Tam's empathetic approach is easy and gentle for your body.  Save your valuable resources and work with Tam before your wellness degrades.

Tam is well-versed in navigating the modern food supply.  She is savvy to sourcing quality products and ingredients for purity and vital nourishment.  Any choice can be inherently good or bad, depending on how it is made, grown or raised.  Tam offers any level of support useful for you, whether it is food and meal planning, or a broader guide.  She will help you implement lasting change at a pace comfortable for you.  

Healthful choices aren't about being 'perfect' but rather  about being 'perfect for you'.   With your wellness goals front and center, Tam designs a plan just right for you, at a pace that works for your life.   You may be amazed how satisfying healthful choices feel.  Food is meant to bring you joy and satisfaction.

Consultations are available via phone, video, and in person in Colorado.

Contact Tam to learn more about consultation sessions and packages tailored for you.  Ask for a complimentary conversation to find out if her approach is right for you. 

because Wellness is True Happiness™

1:1 Coach

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Professional nutrition coaching is at its best with Tam John

Tam's EatRight-LiveWell approach works for life

Tam provides a coaching approach to working with community groups, small company teams or roommates to develop synergy in choices impacting wellness for optimal performance or co-mingling. 

Programs develop long lasting lifestyle wellness.  Participants learn to make better choices in every life setting whether it is at home, while traveling, in your personal and professional life.

Ask Tam about incorporating any of the following into a coaching plan for your team:

  • Individualized assessments and metrics to gauge each member's bio-individual needs

  • Educational and interactive group lectures

  • Food ready and cooking demonstrations

  • Weekly wellness challenges

  • Food shopping and planning

  • Mindset and habit shifting techniques

Contact Tam to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone conversation.  Discuss your wellness goals, health journey, and where you are stuck.  Find out if Tam's approach is a fit for you. 

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Restore and Protect Your Vital Energy

Tam's title:  A Fresh Wellness Mindset is an empowering guide offering traditional wisdom with a modern vibe.  It is sure to please with 19 all American recipes (naturally free of gluten) big people and little people love.