1:1 Consults

1:1 Consultations with Tam John, Founder of the EatRight-LiveWell™ Holistic System for Smarter Self Care and Author of A Fresh Wellness Mindset sort out nutritional myths and diet fads; and polishes stress recovery in a modern busy life so you can feel very well, even Be Ageless and Vibrant.

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Wondering if the EatRight-LiveWell™ system for smarter self care is the path to your Personalized Wellness Plan? Book a complimentary conversation to ask your Qs.

EatRight-LiveWell™ Web Specials:

Refer a friend. When they book a service or testing with EatRight-LiveWell™ you will receive a $50.00 credit off future services or testing you can use anytime.

Mention ‘Special Self Care’ when you inquire to receive the offer.

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A Few Reasons to schedule a Follow-Up Consultation:

  • Ingrain the micro-step approach of the EatRight-LiveWell™ system for a better feeling life.

  • Because your body's energetic needs change.

  • Because a little ‘something something’ is going on with you functionally and you want to nip it.

  • Because those signs and symptoms mean something.

  • Because simple delicious choices aligned with your wellness wishes make sense.

  • Because you want in between appointment support to continue.

The EatRight-LiveWell™ holistic system for smarter self care offers options to meet you on your wellness expansion journey.

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Smarter Self Care means

No More Guessing what You should be Eating

Building Wellness is Easy with a Solid Foundation

Explore Personalized Wellness Plans with EatRight-LiveWell™ and Tam John:

  • New Beginnings: 50 minute session - It’s easy to build wellness on a solid foundation. Begin anew on the basis of personalized nutritional counseling. Choose to meet with Tam John in person in Greenwood Village, on the phone or via Zoom or Facetime. Provide your wellness wishes. Complete ‘Input/Output’ forms for a view of your food, mood and symptoms. Find out food, beverage, rest, motion and stress recovery choices you can make today to support feeling better this day. Guidance is provided to support your entire being at a physiological and feeling level. Personalized super food guidance can easily energize you. Learn delicious and easy personalized adjustments toward realizing your wellness wishes. $115.

  • Expanded Wellness View: 60 minute session - Develop your knowledge of what serves your wellness expansion with this kingpin of personalized nutritional counseling. Based on deeper knowledge of your body’s unique needs for nutritional therapy you learn to hone your choices exponentially. Choose to meet with Tam John in person in Greenwood Village, on the phone or via Zoom or Facetime. Your extra pre-meet time investment is just 20 minutes. Receive everything ‘New Beginnings’ (detailed above) offers. Plus you receive pre-meeting research based on the functional assessment (that’s the extra 20 minute investment of your time) revealing detailed information about where your body is asking for targeted nutritional support. This is a deep dive into your bio-individual holistic wellness gaps. For instance rather than targeting GI tract or ‘gut’ support, you learn to know which aspects of your digestive system are asking for support based on your signs/symptoms. Includes a detailed written Personalized Wellness Plan. $215.

  • Session Packages are purposeful: Packages ingrain the micro-step approach of the EatRight-LiveWell™ system for a better feeling life. Available with both ‘New Beginnings’ and ‘Expanded Wellness View’. Packages are save you money and lock in your investment in yourself. Ask Tam in your complimentary call about package pricing.

  • Family packages: Your family is a team. When a member is dealing with a condition the whole team must adapt for the good of the team. Because each family is unique, nutritional counseling should be uniquely geared to the whole team individually and collectively. Whether you are a family of two or ten, EatRight-LiveWell will develop a program that supports each of you to create a fun and delicious way for every member to be their strongest most energetic feeling self.  Stronger and most energetic means even happier too!

Microsteps are the basis of the EatRight-LiveWell™

integrative and functional System for Smarter Self Care

The question ‘What should I eat for wellness'?’ is precipitated by an inner sense that something is off kilter. The human body is constantly seeking balance. It does an amazing job of juggling less than stellar food choices, something as minor as a slight temperature change to chronic stress or something else. By the time symptoms/signs and the innate knowing that choices of food, drink and other choices aren’t right, there is internal dysfunction and even chaos internally. Left unattended, dis-ease may manifest.

Your body’s natural state is wellness

Based on your functional assessment and evaluation, your preferences and goals, you can receive a Personalized Wellness Plan intended to guide you to wellness. The Personalized Wellness Plan you receive is unique for you. Then as you wish, you receive complimentary between appointment support. Follow-up appointments are available to easily build on your health expansion journey.

Even a ‘clean and healthy’ diet can give you trouble

not all healthy food is healthful for everyone

Did you know not all healthy food is healthful for everyone? Depending on how you digest and assimilate nutrients from the food you eat; and how well your lifestyle (rest, motion, stress recovery, etc) is supporting you, even some ‘clean and healthy’ food may be counterproductive. Digestive ailments, sleep issues, aches/pain and more dysfunction may be the result of choices that aren’t serving you well even though they are considered ‘healthy’. Without functional evaluation, assessment or other testing EatRight-LiveWell™ offers, the source of what is ailing you can be indiscernible.

find out where your body is asking for targeted nutritional support - simple changes can reveal huge happy benefit and a better feeling life

For instance (as one case example), a body with too high calcium in its tissues may not be digesting nutrients well. Too high calcium in tissues can result in aches/pain in joints, stones, buildup in arteries and more. Making an easy adjustment to remove calcium rich veggies and other foods high in calcium, adding balancing food and nutrients to bring calcium into ratio, and supporting optimal digestion for assimilation of nutrients may be a short term adjustment for long term benefit. Without the analysis, the source of the signs/symptoms is practically indiscernible. You can begin to feel better very soon because your body is designed for balance and wellness given supportive inputs.

The EatRight-LiveWell System supports you to bridge unapparent nutritional gaps

Microsteps are the means the EatRight-LiveWell™ system leads to lasting transformative improvements in the way you feel to reach your goals. Microsteps include food, drink, lifestyle, rest, motion, stress recovery or something else to up-level how you feel.

Note on Diets:

The EatRight-Live Well™ system is based on creating a healthful food life rather than a diet. Diets can have merit although they imply deprivation. Diets are intended for a season or a reason, whereas the EatRight-LiveWell™ system is about learning what is right for you personally and adjusting it over time based on your energetic and functional needs for life.

Popular diets like Whole30®, Ketogenic, The South Beach Diet, Paleo, and AIP are models of what may be very productive food choices up front. Often though, their benefit is short term and seldom is one diet entirely right for anyone. There can be components that don’t align with your body’s unique needs for long term satisfaction and a full nutritional complement. You crave variety to receive a full nutritional bounty.

With the eatRight-LiveWell™ Holistic System you will be

  • Supported to use aligned principles of diets that are healthful and personalized for you

  • Guided to healthfully satisfy cravings

  • Guided to find the intersection of taste and nutrition appealing for you

  • Guided to learn how to decode nutritional myths for your personal benefit

  • Guided to optimal living by getting to the bottom (the source or root cause) of why you aren't feeling well

  • Guided to long lasting transformation and a better feeling life

  • Guided to learn to love food that loves your back with the EatRight-LiveWell™ Zero Deprivation Promise

  • Supported with your wellness goals front and center

  • Given a Personalized Wellness Plan uniquely designed for you 

A Fresh Wellness Mindset inspires and empowers personalized healthful choices.

The book is supportive for every choice to consume or not consume gluten grains and honor food sensitivities. Includes 19 all-American recipes big people and little people love.

 Truly healthful choices taste amazing and bring your the joy and satisfaction food is meant to be. 

Consultations are available person in the EatRight-LiveWell™ Greenwood Village, CO office, via phone or video. Tam will make ‘office calls’ in the Greenwood Village and Inverness business area in Colorado.

Schedule a complimentary conversation to interview Tam and find out if the EatRight-LiveWell™ system is a fit for you. 

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