Stress Recovery is the Root of a Better Feeling Life

Lighten Up Cleanse™ will guide you well for life

If you have taken Lighten Up Cleanse in a previous session, take another look. The content delivery beginning Sept 14 is new and improved because EatRight-LiveWell is always evolving like a healthful wellness journey! We would love to have you in class again! Contact us here and we’ll give you a 50% discount for the new session.

BE Honest with yourself. How are you tracking the healthful change you say you want from a year ago?

It’s not your fault if you haven’t mastered your wellness goals Unless You keep making the same choices

Stress is sneaky and addictive. It’ll keep you on a hamster wheel unless you break free!

once you learn to apply universal principles personalized for you it is easy and satisfying to feel so much better.

Lighten Up Cleanse, a 3 week tele-class will set you on a course to arrive in 2020 looking and feeling amazing! This is not a diet!

Learn to feel satisfaction and Live better with Zero Deprivation .

don’t dawdle with holiday season excuses or the you will fix it in january lie.

Now is the time to love yourself enough to learn to make choices that truly feel wonderful.

arrive in 2020 looking and feeling amazing!

enroll now for Lighten Up Cleanse and begin September 14

Everything is better with a friend: When two of you enroll in the Lighten Up Cleanse ™ session beginning September 14, you will both receive $25 off any service EatRight-LiveWell™ offers with no expiration date.

Self care that works for you is founded on mindset shift and habit transformation that feels good. Fuel your success with Lighten Up Cleanse ™. Learn universal principles to shift your mindset and transform your habits in sync with the real you.

Be Ageless and Vibrant! Make it last a lifetime!

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  • Learn how to engage change you love for life.

  • Evolve to realize your wellness wishes fulfilled.

  • Lighten up cleanse is a beautiful blend of wise Guidance to choose healthfully for your individuality and life.

  • the class is a blend of time honored wisdom and the latest in nutritional science.

  • The class is about nutrition, stress recovery and creating life overflowing with Smarter self care you design.

Personal belief systems below conscious thinking have powerful pull to gravitate humans backward into ruts, routines and choices that deplete rather than nourish, replenish and rejuvenate. Rather than settle, learn to reverse mindless inertia.

Lighten Up Cleanse guides participants to universal principles to make it easy to align with personal goals.

The principles taught in Lighten Up Cleanse are applicable to everything you desire - health, wealth and happiness.

Your result may be shedding pounds, better sleep, a better feeling body upon waking, steady energy throughout your day, better mood, less anxiety and any combination of desired outcomes.  Others have applied the principles learned in Lighten Up Cleanse to achieving a career goal or healing from grief or trauma.

You see, when you lighten up in a way that frees your body and mind to work in the way it is intended, you naturally let go of what is no longer serving you and bring your dreams to life. 

Here’s how Lighten Up Cleanse ™ works:

(this is not a diet or detox)

Lighten Up Cleanse is a three week/21 day class you will enjoy from the comfort of your own home.  On three consecutive Saturday mornings we will meet on the phone in a group setting (you can be completely private) in an experiential format.  If you aren’t available Saturday morning, the call is available for replay during the week.

Each week, a couple of days before the Saturday session, you will receive new pragmatic information, just enough to energize and inspire you for the weekly focus.   Then in the weekly call you are guided toward the weekly focus and how to apply it to your personal goals. You are given ‘homework’ to root it in your life. Each week builds on the next. At the end of the three week session you have new tools you can reuse and apply to build and add on to your self care journey.

Lighten Up Cleanse ™ weekly focus

Week One: Setting Intention - Getting Real about how You Want to Feel with ease

  • You will be guided how to let go what isn’t working and wake up to possibilities that energize and enliven you!

  • Goals and resolutions are only as wonderful as the means to get you there and keep you evolving.

  • You will be guided to dig deep into what you want to accomplish and how you want to feel with ease.

  • Get real about the toll stress is taking on your wellness profile and begin to repeal it immediately.

Week Two: Navigate the art of avoidance and kick unconscious habits to the curb

  • Figure out the ‘why’ of your human nature. Your wishes, goals and resolutions are only as powerful as how well you know yourself.

  • Learn natural stress recovery.

  • Learn to thrive instead of living by the survival hormones of stress. When you do this everything you desire is within reach.

  • Learn to make room for choices centered on your authentic self.

Week three: Let Go and let in Holistic Wellness to satisfy you for life

  • Holistic wellness is about food, drink, rest, motion and stress recovery. Especially stress recovery!

  • Learn to turn off ill effects of the environment quickly.

  • Make smarter self care primary in your life without pressure of failing or being imperfect.


Lighten Up Cleanse ™  BEGINS September 14, 2019



Upon signing up (button below ) you will receive an email confirmation. The first week’s materials and call access will arrive in via email 48 hours before the first class date (September 14).

Get a copy of Tam's title:  A Fresh Wellness Mindset.   The book is an empowering guide for you to personalize your food life with ease, simplicity and delicious satisfaction; and the book is an excellent guide to navigate the modern food supply as well as stress triggers that impact food issues. It isn’t about a diet or mandate to avoid gluten.

The class is holistic to guide personally healthful choices of food and everything else you take in (drink, lifestyle, motion, rest, stress management and thoughts).

Weekly class materials and ‘assignments’ refer to A Fresh Wellness Mindset and more materials provided. The book guides you to wisely navigate food choices healthfully whatever your status with gluten. It isn’t about a diet, rather it is about making personally healthful choices while at home, traveling or restaurant dining.

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Sign up for the next session beginning September 14 - with PayPal / credit card payment in PayPal secure payment below.  Tele-class dates continue September 21 and 28 at 11:00 AM MT/Denver time.  If you aren't able to make the class time and date you can re-listen to the session anytime before the next week.  Each week you will receive a guide to advance your learning, shift your habits and transform you.

Photo by Jared Weiss on Unsplash

Photo by Jared Weiss on Unsplash

Week One

Setting Intention: get real about how you want to feel with ease


Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Week Two

Navigate the art of avoidance and Kick unconscious habits to the curb


Photo by Sasha Stories on Unsplash

Photo by Sasha Stories on Unsplash

Week Three

Let Go and let in Holistic Wellness to satisfy you for life


‘A Fresh Wellness Mindset’ is about learning to love food that loves you back.

A Fresh Wellness Mindset offers something for everyone. When you want to feel better about the food and beverages you and your family consume, Tam John’s title is a road map to personalizing your food choices. The book gets it right to easily and deliciously choose food that you love and loves you back.”

~ Shannon Weston, Owner and Founder Vibe Foods SuperFood Bar, Lone Tree, CO