Nutrichondria: Just another Fake Worry from the Pop Media

Nutrichondria is being dubbed a close relative to eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia and orthrorexia 

Eating disorders should not be taken lightly.  Bulimia is the binge and purge cycle when people use laxatives to quickly expel their food or self-induce vomiting after eating.  Anorexia is a means of self-starvation by excessive restriction like extreme calorie counting or other extreme measures of what is acceptable.  Orthorexia is the practice of healthy eating to the extent that it interrupts personal well-being; and quite ironic since its very intent is to be healthy. 

Photo by Mariana Medvedeva

Photo by Mariana Medvedeva

Nutrichondria is said to be the person’s choice to avoid a food group because they believe they have a food intolerance even though they haven’t taken an allergy test or received medical confirmation.  Most commonly removed food groups may be gluten and dairy. goes on to describe gluten and dairy as the ‘most victimized food groups’.  Now they are calling food groups 'victimized'!

Labeling a person with negative connotation who avoids any food or food group because they choose to do so without a diagnosis or medical intervention befuddles me.  A person should be able to freely eat what they choose, simply based on their preferences.  Health seekers wishing to avoid any food they link to discomfort or bodily stress is their right.  They may be heeding the messages or signs/symptoms they personally link to what they are consuming.  Eating real food that makes you feel energized and foregoing food that you link to what you don’t want, be it imagined or factual can be very wise.  

There is much to be gained by following the feelings of your body and how food makes you feel.  Some experts will say that gluten, for instance, can be doing damage even if you don’t feel it.  Yes that can be true, however, the matter is not so straight forward as swapping out commercial plastic wrapped bread that lasts for weeks on your counter for a gluten free variety with more sugar, excitotoxins and Frankenfood ingredients to replace the structure gluten provides.  Their artificiality is another means by which your brain is hijacked [by food].  (John, 2018) 

True food sensitivities and allergies are no laughing matter.  According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, a true food allergy can cause a serious or even life-threatening reaction by eating a microscopic amount, touching or inhaling the food.  Anaphylaxis may occur and can be fatal.  “Food allergies must be treated and addressed by a Physician and/or Allergist & Immunologist.  Always seek the advice of a qualified expert in this field when you suspect a food allergy may be affecting you.”  (John, 2018)  Celiac disease, Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) and dairy tolerance/ digestive issues must be taken seriously.

Learning to navigate food choices personally healthful is a process.  Begin by looking at the source of the food and the ingredients to know what you are consuming.  When a person is eating a lot of processed and restaurant food or relying on mass produced dairy from farming operations relying on unhealthful animal practices, the choice to remove those foods is a solid beginning.  Peel back the layers of what is causing signs, symptoms and the intuitive nudges or gut feelings (literally) to believe that some foods are causing upheaval and chaos to your body’s healthy vibrant function. 

“If you’ve been consistently eating a real lively food diet sans known irritants like gluten, and you still have distressing symptoms… complicated food interactions or tolerances may be causative.  ….. Complex cases should engage with a qualified practitioner or Physician who will be able to evaluate immunity/auto-immunity; digestive, neurological and metabolic function closely.”  (John, 2018)   

Living in a culture that shuns anything judgmental and praises authenticity, let’s stop applying another label like Nutrichondria.  If people sense something they are eating is causing them to be unwell, then let their feelings guide them.  Choose real food you love and loves you back.  Get real healthful information to make personalized choices to restore and protect your vital energy. 


John, T. (2018).  A Fresh Wellness Mindset:  Personalize Your Food Life & Find Your Truth about Gluten.  North Charleston, SC:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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