Zero Deprivation Promise™

The basis of the EatRight-LiveWell integrative and functional system to Smarter self care is the Zero Deprivation Promise™

The Zero Deprivation Promise™ is the basis of the EatRight-LiveWell™ Integrative and Functional System for Smarter Self Care for individuals, executive nutrition and wellness coaching, and proprietary company wellness programs.

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The feedback I hear all the time from my clients is how pleased they are how satisfying and delicious their food life is when they follow my guidance.  Clients tell me they are surprised they can eat food previously thought to be off limits.  They are amazed how easy it is to skip the packaged ‘conveniences’ and swap them out for real lively food that nourishes their personal energetic needs. And clients meet their wellness goals and feel better following my guidance.

Read testimonials from Tam’s clients here.

“I guide my clients to make it super easy to eat healthfully and in alignment with their unique energetic needs, taste preferences, and time and resources budget. I promise to guide you to food, drink, lifestyle/rest/motion/stress management you can not only live with but you will love.” ~Tam John

Letting you in on my ‘secret’:  The non-invasive functional clinical assessment I provide and methods I engage tell me where your bio-individual [beautiful unique and one in seven billion] being is asking for targeted nutritional and energetic support.  It never ceases to amaze me with brilliant results. I pair this with input from you to offer a plan to achieve your goals. Sounds simple but it is backed with years of education, training, intellectual property and learning that never ceases.

What’s in it for you: You feel better! Say BYE BYE to whatever has been ailing, annoying, zapping your energy or keeping you awake! The American culture and reward system is much about how much you do and how hard you go; and is based on a less than optimal food system. You aren’t meant for exhaustion and depletion. Find the real meaning of super achiever when you feel better!

What’s in it for me: You feel better! I truly love helping people meet their wellness goals! It is fun to see people love their food and life so much more; and meet their wellness goals! Truly this is all about your health expansion. I take pleasure being your guide.

If I have a rule working with clients, it is this: 

If I recommend something you know you won’t do or just don’t like, tell me. 

There is always another means to achieve the desired results!

Why I do this: When your body or mind clenches at the sight or smell or even idea of any food or drink, it will not healthfully assimilate the food or drink.  And you’ll go back to the way you’ve been living that isn’t serving you well. There is always another way to achieve the desired results healthfully and deliciously.

When you are accustomed to consuming food and drink that isn’t good for you; be it overly processed, refined or not good for you personally (not all healthy food is healthful for everyone) your palate can become fooled.  I know how to gradually guide you to an ever increasing personally healthful lifestyle.  So when ‘healthy’ food sounds unappealing, I promise I will have ideas you can live with and love.

Note on eating disorders: When you have deprived yourself of nourishing inputs it is a gentle process to build the appeal of food your body needs. As a teenager I’ve been there. I will work with you nice and easy to make choices that support you with wellness today. Because the choices you make today guide your health for years and decades. I can imagine what you are feeling because I’ve been there.

Transform your wellness with the EatRight-LiveWell integrative and functional approach to optimal wellness.

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Health expansion is a life journey

Change is a given with life.  If you aren’t expanding, you are contracting.

You deserve to feel the essence of life on your terms, full of vibrant energy to explore what pleases you. 

Use food and drink to enliven your senses, vitality and energy.

You are designed for wellness.

Let Tam John guide you to feel it!


Get on the phone with Tam, interview her, confirm the EatRight-LiveWell Zero Deprivation Promise and begin feeling better with more vitality and everything you desire.

You are one in seven billion.

You deserve a Personalized Wellness Plan.