Tame Your Stress

Stress serves a useful purpose when it is well-managed. 

It can fuel growth and expansion.

Out of control, stress will thwart your best interests. 

Chronic stress breaks down healthful bodily function. Balance yourself with circadian saliva testing and the EatRight-LiveWell™ holistic system for smarter self care.

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Burning the candle at both ends, trauma, abuse, chronic illness, influences of medication over time, and even over-nutrition (worse than under-nutrition) become a burden your body has no choice but to prioritize function.

The feeling of being ‘stressed out’ is all too familiar to humans today. By the time you feel stress, internal function is in a state of chaos!

A universal definition of stress evades precise expression though because stress and its effects show up uniquely for each person. According to The American Institute of Stress : “Stress is not a useful term for scientists because it is such a highly subjective phenomenon that it defies definition. And if you can’t define stress, how can you possibly measure it? The term “stress”, as it is currently used was coined by Hans Selye in 1936, who defined it as “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change”.

With change in mind, stress itself can’t be all bad. Change is the very means by which we humans expand our lives. If we aren’t expanding, then we are contracting. Learn to capitalize the good stress and evade bad stress.

“Health Expansion is a Life Journey.” ~Tam John

Examples of good stress include the birth of a child, marriage, moving to a new city for a dream opportunity and getting ready to go on an amazing vacation. Good stress like providing for your family because you love them so much can turn bad when left to become exhaustion, deprivation and depletion.

Bad stress results from exhaustion, deprivation, depletion and trauma. When you knowingly or unknowingly consume food and drink that is not healthful for you or your body isn’t metabolizing optimally, stress manifests internally. Poor lifestyle choices and trauma also create a burden for your physiological function. The human body is an amazing self-correcting entity, releasing chemicals to aid the stress response. Your body is expert at prioritizing function to save you today, but in exchange other function must go undone. Over time this takes a toll and leaves the door open for dis-ease to enter.

Stress feelings, whether good or bad stress, result from tension exciting and initiating chemical physiological responses in the human body.  The human body is an amazing self-correcting entity. Many stress responses in your body go unnoticed until something is way off kilter. By that time, the internal function is in chaos. Mental and psychological response to stress is akin with a roller coaster of thoughts and emotions difficult to wrangle at times.  There is a tendency to think yes, I am stressed, but I must [fill in the blank i.e. provide for my family; and get this done] and even consider yourself inadequate if you don’t [fill in the blank].

Unattended to and chronic stress breaks down healthful function. Systems and glands that release stress response chemicals become worn out. Other priorities in the body like natural detoxification and digestion (nutrient absorption) become hampered while your body is fighting to deal with so much stress emergency.

“Chronic uncontrolled stress will eventually contribute to various vitamin and mineral imbalances, and the ability to maintain adequate energy levels and optimum health will decrease.”  (Trace Elements, Inc., 2018) 

How ill effects of stress gone wild are manifested in your body and mind are as unique as your fingerprints.  Stress may not cause dis-ease but it surely will open the door for dis-ease, discomfort, pain and illness when left to run its course, gone wild.  At best stress may preclude fatigue and lack of personal performance.   Stress is the root of depression and anxiety for some.   Others experience more physical conditions like immunity weakness which can open the door for all sorts of dis-ease and sickness.  Still others experience cardiovascular function distress and digestive ailments or more.  Stress gets in the way of your body’s capacity to self-correct.

There is more to supporting yourself for wellness than eating ‘clean and healthy’. Not all healthy food is healthful for everyone. Your body’s needs shift over time and depending on the internal impacts of stress. When you want your body and mind to replenish the ill effects of stress, certain foods usually considered healthy must be avoided. Other foods and nutrients must be increased in optimal ratios for your unique body. Otherwise you risk over-nutrition which can antagonize balance and function your body needs. What those foods and nutrients are depends on you because you are one of a kind.

Get tested with Micronutrient/ with Omega check and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

Getting this baseline testing can guide you to make truly aligned and healthful choices for you. Don’t guess because what is happening physiologically can be indiscernible without the testing.

Find out if the EatRight-LiveWell™ integrative and functional system for smarter self care is a fit for you. Win over the ramifications of stress with a personalized wellness plan.


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