Tam John's New Best Selling Wellness Book for every healthy journey

Tam John's New Best Selling Wellness Book for every healthy journey

Tam Writes Wellness Inspiration

Making healthy choices is an art and science.  Tam's style is for everyone, and scientifically backed with references to demonstrate how you can restore and protect your vital energy.  You are guided to learn what's healthful for you and how to make it happen easily with your busy life.   Through her writing Tam shares her a bit of her journey from illness back to health.

Tam's ideas and inspiration impart a multitude of avenues for you to bring more wellness to your experience.  

Tam imparts a personalized approach to realize a better feeling life  - Body, Mind & Spirit.  

Visit the blog for DIY Wellness™ tips, recipes and ideas for a delicious and satisfying life.  Rich articles can take to the wellness bank throughout Tam's offerings.  

Tam's bestselling wellness title:  A Fresh Wellness Mindset is an empowering guide offering traditional wisdom with a modern vibe.  It is a wellness tool to personalize your food life and feel amazing.  With 19 real All-American recipes big people and little people love (all free of gluten).

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Tam is a frequent contributor to magnificent publications including Thrive Global, DrLaura.comWellness.com, and Beliefnet.com

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