Feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by trying to implement a healthful food life in your busy life? Buy ‘A Fresh Wellness Mindset’ for a guide to eat right and live well when you have food sensitivities, food allergies, Celiac or simply want to figure out how to eat more healthfully.

A Fresh Wellness Mindset will guide you to receive full nutritional complement often missed from eliminating some food. The book contains replacements for problematic food, fresh ideas and inspiration, a DIY food sensitivity test without buying a kit; and 19 free of gluten recipes for every meal and snacks. Bonus: the book guides how you may reintroduce once problematic foods. You get tips to choose personally healthful food and empower wellness at home, restaurants and while traveling. It isn’t about a diet, it is a guide to personalize your food life healthfully.

Tam Writes for Wellness Strategy with Inspiration for Everyone to Personalize

Making healthy choices is an art and science.  Tam's style is for everyone, and scientifically backed with references to demonstrate how you can restore and protect your vital energy.  Readers are guided to learn what's healthful for them and how to make it happen easily with their busy modern lives.   

Workforce Wellness Communique by EatRight-LiveWell lends to advancing a culture of health and wellness in the workplace. It is a means to exemplify leadership that respects personal lives and seeks to encourage a happier healthier life at work and home. Delivery is tailored to complement every clinical plan and what each place of employment is experiencing wellness-wise.

 Tam's bestselling wellness title:  A Fresh Wellness Mindset is an empowering guide offering traditional wisdom with a modern vibe.  It is a wellness tool to personalize your food life, navigate food allergens/sensitivities and feel amazing.  With 19 real All-American recipes big people and little people love (all free of gluten). It is a guide to enhance digestive wellness and blood sugar balance, the crux of good health.

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