Testimonials from Tam's clients:

"Several things have changed since we [Tam & G.R.] started working together. First, I'm losing weight for the first time in a long time - no extra exercise and no weird dieting. Second, I do feel better overall…. And I’m sleeping better, not getting up in the night." -- GR, Lone Tree, CO

“After seeing my Physician about wrenching gut pain, the MRI showed sludge and gallstones in my gallbladder.  I was hesitant to have my gallbladder removed because several friends have had more problems after gallbladder removal.  Tam has helped me with some other health items so I called her.  After evaluating my diet, she gave me a plan to follow.  Six weeks into the new way of eating, some supplements she said are supportive of healthful function and a few new habits, I haven’t had a single episode of digestive discomfort.  Everyday I’m eating good food that agrees with me and it is easy to do.  Thank you for your care Tam.” ~~DM, Denver, CO 

"Two weeks into following Tam's guidance I am getting two more hours of good sleep every night. I feel good when I wake up first time in a long time. Making other choices with things I didn't realize had such a big impact on me like the hidden sugar in so much food and adding some targeted 'healing' foods for me have given me a lot more stamina too. She's helped me replace soda with some satisfying drinks so I don't even miss it." ~~KT, Castle Pines, CO

“I always appreciate all the helpful support you give me.  There are so many easy things to support my health I had no idea about.  Best of all, I haven’t had any tummy troubles since I started following your recommendations.  The plan you gave me is easy follow because it tastes great and I feel better.   THANK YOU SO MUCH!!” ~~MD, Colorado Springs, CO

"Working with Tam, for the first time in a long time I started losing weight. I don't feel any hungrier but with the nutritional plan she provided I am eating foods I thought were off limits. I followed her advice that I was over-exercising (I didn’t know that was possible) and feel a lot calmer, more relaxed, not going full speed all the time. Oh, and I am sleeping better. Life feels better." ~~ RC, Las Vegas, NV

“Tam, I am following the plan you did for me, and I am feeling really good.  Seriously, really good!  Right away I am sleeping through the night which is a Blessing.  My energy and digestion are so much better.  It’s great how I can eat really satisfying food and have so much more energy.  Thank You! “

~MA, Greenwood Village, CO 

"My sickness had been progressing for so long, the discomfort and pain kept advancing without a solution in sight. I have been under Tam’s care for 3 months and things have greatly improved for me. I am feeling so much better so much more of the time. I believe my body is starting to function as it should and I am on the right path to wellness now that I am working with Tam." - LB, Tulsa, OK

"Having suffered from restless leg syndrome (RLS) for years, Tam John recommended some dietary changes, supplements and a simple process to do every evening.  Almost immediately the RLS was GONE.  What a relief to not go through the agony!" -MR, Denver, CO

"I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff.  Electrical currents ran down both arms and down to my fingers.  Fortunately, I met Tam John and she helped me so much with improving my diet and recommending amazing supplements to assist the healing." -LA, Rochester, NY

“I am an elderly woman.  I fell at home and had severe nerve damage to my upper body.  The surgical operation was successful, but I still had nerve damage to heal.  Tam John's program is a God-send.  Thanks to her, I am eating more nutritiously and faithfully taking the supplements she recommended.  Tam has helped me in so many ways - not only with guiding me how to reverse the nerve damage, but with my overall health, especially for an older person.”  -AD, Denver, CO