Stop Starving Yourself

Photo by Jose Murillo on Unsplash

Photo by Jose Murillo on Unsplash


Get the most nutritional pizzazz with your choices

Growing up in the 1970s you may have heard your parents say at the dinner table that you darn well better finish the food in front of you because there are starving children in Africa.  The image of malnourished that may come to mind is emaciated, poor, and naked or in shredded filthy clothing.  Sadly this is a real face of malnourishment.

Undernourishment also happens to children, adults and elderly adults in all socioeconomic classes right here in America, the richest county on the planet.  When your body isn’t receiving the nourishment necessary to perform energy creation, trillions of metabolic function you aren’t even aware of, restoration, growth and repair, undernourishment is underway.  Given a culture that has come to rely on more food made in a laboratory than grown or raised by Mother Nature, undernourishment is rampant.  Adding to the issue with too much non-food being consumed are the lifestyle habits that don’t support proper absorption of nutrients in food.

Emaciation needn’t be a condition of undernourishment.  Obese people and thin people alike suffer from undernourishment.  Perfectly ‘normal’ sized people may be malnourished simply because their bodies aren’t absorbing nutrients from wonderful food or their food is lacking nutritive value due to the modern food supply.

“Choosing real food is an investment in your health, offering improvement to the way you look and feel.”

– excerpt from ‘A Fresh Wellness Mindset’

Dr. Kelly Brogan wrote in her book, A Mind of Your Own, ‘food is indeed  information.’  When your body is lacking nutrition as fuel to perform trillions of functions, you aren’t getting the benefit of the vitamins, minerals, macro and micro nutrients to build and replenish your structure.  In the case of too thin, malnutrition may seem more obvious because lack is apparent.  In the case of obesity, your body may be storing fat as if it is hanging on for emergency.  Excess sugar (which turns to blood glucose) is nutrient void and stored as fat and triglycerides the malnourished person packs on extra weight.

The matter of nourishing your body is a dual issue:  what you eat is equally important how your body assimilates (absorbs) the nutrients.  When a food like gluten or anything else becomes a problem for the body, the issue is extends beyond the food itself.  The issue is often linked to the body’s inability to properly digest and assimilate the food.  Hearty digestion is needed to properly break down the food into molecular level components your body is able to absorb at a cellular level.

Tam’s tips to get the most nutritional pizzazz with your food choices: 

1.  Improve your digestive hygiene.  Slow down.  Don’t gulp, hork or inhale your food.  Digestive enzymes are released in the mouth with the chewing process.  You especially need these to break down carbohydrates.  Digestion only works when you eat calmly and thoroughly chew your food.  Even the best food, not well-digested will be bothersome and even counterproductive to your body.

2.  Eat a wide variety of fresh vegetables and whole fruit.  These foods are fiber rich.  Their roughage helps move toxins through your body.  They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, bioflavonoids, and other compounds that give you energetic spark and fuel your body’s metabolic needs to uptake the nutritive value.

3.  Balance your plate.  With your meal choose 2-4 ounces of quality protein (wild fish, grass fed beef, pastured and organic poultry, beans, nuts, seeds, legumes) personally right for you; a little healthy fat (veggies sautéed in coconut oil or drizzled in olive oil, grass fed butter, avocado, etc); lots of veggies; and an occaisional small serving of whole grains if they are right for you. 

4.  Get Tam’s book A Fresh Wellness Mindset  and learn to personalize your food life for health and satisfaction.  The book is loaded with tips, guides, ideas and recipes to make delicious healthful choices for your unique being.  One diet is not right for everyone and not all healthy food is healthful for everyone.  Learning to make choices in alignment with your unique bio-chemistry and individuality is the cornerstone of foundational health. 

5.  Always lean to real lively food.  This is food grown and raised in nature.  Choose whole fresh fruit over juice.  Read product labels and avoid anything you can’t pronounce or isn’t made by Mother Nature herself. 

Listen and heed the messages your body gives you.  By the time your body expresses burden or dysfunction there is dis-ease in your body.  The sooner you realign your choices toward real lively food, you can turn back signs and symptoms and reset your energetic course for wellness.  

When you would like to dial in to what is happening with your body; receive functionally aligned guidance; and reach your wellness goals, schedule your 15 minute complimentary call with Tam to find out if her approach is right for you.  Engaging with Tam will give you a bounty of personalized integrative and holistic support. 


 Tam's title:  A Fresh Wellness Mindset is an empowering guide offering traditional wisdom with a modern vibe.  It is a wellness tool to personalize your food life.  19 real All-American recipes big people and little people love (all free of gluten) included.