Smart Nutritional Supplementation

Like choosing personally healthful food, Smart nutritional supplementation can be very productive to reaching your desired wellness wishes with smarter self care.

Tam John, Author of 'A Fresh Wellness Mindset' and founder of the EatRight-LiveWell integrative and functional approach to smarter self care offer smart nutritional and dietary supplementation to augment your healthful food life and lifestyle choices.

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According to Scientific American, “Because of soil depletion, crops grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today.”

The National Institutes of Health cites the complexity of merely a multi-vitamin supplement to bridge the gap of what your food life does not provide nutritionally.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) offers consumer health information about dietary supplements.

EatRight-LiveWell™ only works with quality providers of supplements without a middle entity like big box on line retailers that have nothing to do with professional supplementation research and manufacturing. Even if the nutritional/dietary supplement originated from a quality source, when proper care and handling (storage with a well cared for chain of custody) the product may become of poor quality and lack freshness.

Avoid mischief like counterfeits, poor quality, mislabeling by working with EatRight-LiveWell™ for your nutritional and dietary supplementation.

how EatRight-LiveWell™ can guide you to the intended result for nutritional and dietary supplementation:

  1. As an adjunct to your current nutritional therapy work with EatRight-LiveWell™.

  2. When you know what you want supplement-wise (like a B complex or multi-vitamin or digestive aid, Omega, and anything else) contact us to review your current regimen and / or offer a professional recommendation to fulfill your wishes. The manufacturers EatRight-LiveWell™ works with formulate products with co-factors for synergy.

  3. Engage Micronutrient Testing with OmegaCheck™ through EatRight-LiveWell™ and receive laboratory reports with food and supplement recommendations.

  4. Engage Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis through EatRight-LiveWell™ and receive laboratory reports with food and supplement recommendations.

  5. Ask EatRight-LiveWell™ to review your plan periodically. Not all supplementation is meant for long term use.

Ask EatRight-LiveWell™ to vet out the best products and make recommendations aligned with your energetic needs.  Find out what your body wants with professional guidance and laboratory testing.

Schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone conversation with Tam John and explore how EatRight-LiveWell™ can help you save money and feel good about your nutritional/dietary supplementation. 

Yes!  Dietary supplementation should feel good.

You should feel a positive result aligned with your wellness wishes and the intended outcome.