Personalized Nutrition with Tam John

Traditional Wisdom with a Modern Vibe

 Photo by Niklas Rhose on Unsplash

Photo by Niklas Rhose on Unsplash

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Personalized Nutrition - A revitalized Ancestral truth

Personalized Nutrition is the art and science of choosing real lively food agreeable and targeted for your unique bio-chemistry and individuality based on supporting optimal function.  A revitalized ancestral truth,  this way of choosing food is the basis of how our ancestors nourished themselves.  Tribes, communities and centers of civilization have long relied on the seasonal food supplies of their local regions to sustain them.

Feel greater energy, vitality and years younger.  Learning to follow guidance your body queues you on via its signs and symptoms can turn back those signs and symptoms.  Left unattended to, they may manifest into larger health concerns and even dis-ease.  Not only do you not have to put up with annoyances and distractions holding you from optimal wellness but personalizing your food life is a means to feel your best.  

Personalized Nutrition with Tam John guides you to have the best of both worlds:  A busy modern life & optimal nutrition to fuel the life you desire. Modern life,  global expansion and communities with much ethnic diversity have gotten away from eating indigenous diets.  Most people are engaged in vocations outside agricultural societies and are not involved in food gathering or production.  Humans have come to rely on mass food producers.  The human body is still designed for real lively food, not laboratory made concoctions.  While modern life has changed, the human body's fundamental need for nutrition has not changed.  

Find out what your signs and symptoms are trying to tell you.  There is no merit plodding along feeling tired and wired, digestive discomfort, moody blues, and other expressions of internal inflammation and stress reflecting outwardly.  Personalized nutrition queues you to eat foods and make lifestyle choices in sync with your body's natural design for wellness at every stage of life.  Personalizing your food life is delicious, satisfying and easy with Tam's guidance.  

Personalized Nutrition services Tam John offers are based on assessing how your body is performing in its most vital functions like digestion, detoxification, assimilation of nutrients, elimination, hormonal balance, sugar handling and more.   The human body is brilliantly designed with meaningful interdependence and constantly seeks balance.  Your body and mind work in tandem to compensate for the smallest stressors to the big offenses.  By the time you notice stressors as digestive discomfort, insomnia, headaches, mood/attention/anxiety/depressive conditions, sniffles, skin conditions and anything else, your internal function is very stressed out.

The assessment Tam'offers calculates signs and symptoms and ranks priorities to provide meaningful information about where you will benefit from targeted support.  The analysis Tam performs and guidance she offers point to choices to support your unique bio-chemistry and individuality.  You can begin to feel better almost immediately.

Personalized Nutrition with Tam John is not general nutrition 101 or a fad plan or trend.  Everyone knows to generally eat more fruits and vegetables; lean to a plant based diet, manage quality protein consumption; and avoid over processed food.  These are general health recommendations.  Tam targets specifics.  She gets down to the detail of moving you through a challenging need for targeted restoration and support to finding a wellness groove that becomes a lifestyle. 

Personalized Nutrition with Tam John is geared to guide you to balancing macronutrients in sync with your needs.  Tam guides you to achieve wellness goals that feel good for you.  Not all healthy food is healthful for everyone.  Tam guides you to choices healthful for you.  Tam will set you up within your time for planning and preparation; as well as resource budget. 

Personalized Nutrition with Tam John feels good because you are satisfied and your body and mind get what they need to live well. 

"Health Expansion is a Life Journey."  ~Tam John

The desirability of food and drink for your body will vary over your lifetime based on your energetic needs.  Food or drink once not agreeable may sometimes be re-introduced successfully for some people once their body is functioning optimally.  Work with Tam to explore the possibility of re-introducing foods once disagreeable to your body.  Tam has done it for herself and teaches others to do the same.   

Contact Tam to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone conversation.  Discuss your wellness goals, health journey, and where you are stuck.  Find out if Tam's approach is a fit for you with her Zero Deprivation Promise

Tam's title:  A Fresh Wellness Mindset is an empowering guide offering traditional wisdom with a modern vibe.  It is a wellness tool to personalize your food life.  19 real All-American recipes big people and little people love included (all free of gluten).