Photo by Heidi Sandstrom on Unsplash

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom on Unsplash

Navigate the Food Supply with Ingenuity

Five tips to restore and protect your vital energy

Americans believe they eat ‘clean and healthy’ even though the American food supply is dominated with unreal food.  Any choice (bread, tea, cake, salad, everything and anything) can be inherently good or bad.  Follow Tam's 5 tips to navigate the food supply with ingenuity and you can restore and protect your vital energy.

The food dominating American diets is heavy with meal replacement bars loaded with sugar and chemicals; protein shakes with adulterated ingredients; and more unreal food made more from laboratory derivatives than real food.  Unreal food is manufactured to taste delicious (it tricks your brain with chemicals designed to make you eat more).  Your body doesn't know what to do with the nonsense ingredients.  Ill feelings are the result.  

It isn’t normal to feel worn out. Make a connection between what you eat to how you feel.  Learn to choose food and products your body can process to wonderful energy.  

Misleading consumer selections are overly processed food often disguised as ‘healthy’ or ‘natural’ according to the slippery slope where modern culture meets food marketing. 

Consider the correlation of the rise in the Standard American Diet (SAD) and ill health in America. Unreal food dominating grocery shelves creates a cycle of grazing.  A pattern of grazing induces unhealthy bodily function rather than complete nourishment and satisfaction.  Steady ingestion of more fake ingredients your body isn't designed to consume creates more symptoms, sometimes immediately felt and others a slow manifestation of dis-ease.  

5 Tips to navigate food choices more healthfully:  Get the hang of this and you can feel better for life

1.  Keep it simple.  Focus on including lots of veggies, quality protein, and healthy fat with quality whole grains as the basis of your food life, and as ideal for your body.  Each body is unique in the ideal balance of nutrients and how it assimilates food.  Learn to listen to your body and heed its messages.

2.  Question everything you put in your grocery cart.  Beware of claims like ‘natural’ and ‘superfood’ because chances are these are marketing claims.  Only real lively food, grown or raised in nature with sunshine and rain as its food is completely natural and truly super for your body. 

3.  Read labels.  When you include packaged/ processed food in your life, question the integrity of any ingredient that isn’t a plant or animal.  You are designed to be fueled by food provided by nature, not laboratories.  USDA certified organic is reliable.

4.  Avoid anything that has ‘natural flavoring’.  This is where manufacturers can hide chemicals, preservatives, and other brain tricking additives.  Brain tricking additives referred to as ‘excitotoxins’ create an addictive cycle of consumption and never satisfy your body with nourishment.

5.  Look at sugar grams on labels.   Sugar is a big zero, taking up space for otherwise nutritional food.  Six teaspoons of added sugar for women and nine teaspoons for men daily is recommended by American Heart Association ®.   Sugar is implicated as a causative factor in heart disease, cancer, advanced aging, and diabetes as well as the obvious issue of obesity.   

It takes about 21 days of consistent practice to make healthy habits a lifestyle.  Choose to replace one SAD thing, practice consistently and build on it/keep up leveling your choices to create a healthy lifestyle and optimal wellness.

In my new title, A Fresh Wellness Mindset, I guide you to make personalized food choices you love and are aligned with your unique bio-chemistry.  The book isn’t about a diet.  You learn how to balance treats with lots of real lively food that pleases and nourishes your body.  I guide readers to make wellness easy and delicious.  Embracing A Fresh Wellness Mindset creates a cascade of wellness, in sync with your body’s design for wellness.

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