Micronutrient Testing

with OmegaCheck™ option

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Micronutrient Testing can provide an intra cellular view of mineral and antioxidant levels. Add an Omega Check to get your Omega 3: Omega 6 ratios. Tam John, Integrative Wellness Leader and Author of 'A Fresh Wellness Mindset' offer a suite of Personalized Nutrition, Wellness and Stress Recovery services. Self care is the basis of the EatRight-LiveWell integrative and functional approach to live with optimal wellness.

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Knowing nutritional status is worth a mint. Deficiencies aren’t always obvious.

even when you eat a ‘clean and healthy’ diet

Do yourself a favor. Don’t guess.

Get tested and find out your baseline of nutritional status of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, antioxidants and more…

with OmegaCheck™ Option.

Even when you eat a clean and healthy diet

Six Big Whys to get to the heart of your Micronutrient and Omega 3:6 ratio status

  1. Pharmaceutical prescriptions can deplete nutrient levels.

  2. Exercise can create oxidative stress which may lead to nutrient deficiencies.

  3. Over time nutrient deficiencies can lead to pathological conditions.

  4. Soil and environment even ‘healthy’ food is grown in is highly nutrient depleted rendering a less than nutrient rich crop compared to a few decades ago.

  5. Digestive issues aren’t always apparent. When you aren’t assimilating and absorbing nutrients from food well you may have deficiencies or imbalances.

  6. Nutrients are synergistic. Too much of a good nutrient can create distress and lower other nutrients.

Micronutrient testing is a tool for smart supplementation and optimizing your resources.

Omega 6:Omega 3 check option

Both Omega 6 and Omega 3 are vitally important for optimal health. Living in a modern busy culture tends to provide plenty of Omega 6 from food sources. You need balance of Omega 6: Omega 3 fatty acids. Simply supplementing Omega 3 isn’t enough because it can cause imbalance on either side.

Add OmegaCheck™ to Micronutrient Testing and find out your levels.

The two tests work hand in hand because the conversion of plant based omegas to be utilized in the body relies on adequate vitamin and mineral availability, cofactors and coenzymes for conversion.

Don’t guess. Get tested. It’s Easy & illuminating.

The EatRight-LiveWell™ integrative and functional system can uplift your food life and foundations of healthful function. (such as blood sugar balance, digestion/assimilation of nutrients, natural detoxification and more). EatRight-LiveWell offers 1:1 consultations with functional assessments and testing.

Contact EatRight-LiveWell for details to get test kit for Micronutrient Testing with or without OmegaCheck™.

Talk with Tam; discuss your wellness goals and where you would like support; discuss a Personalized Wellness Plan; and ask questions about how Micronutrient Testing with OmegaCheck works.

Smarter self care works for a better feeling life