Photo by Brooke Larke on Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Larke on Unsplash

It’s no coincidence whole fresh fruit is abundant during summer. Read this article from Tam John, author of A Fresh Wellness Mindset and founder of the EatRight-LiveWell holistic system for smarter self care to get the full story and why the human body prefers more whole fresh fruit in the summer months.

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Enjoy the nutritional offerings of Whole Fresh Fruit

Excerpt from A Fresh Wellness Mindset:

“Your body needs complex carbohydrates whole fresh fruit offers. The glucose is your brain’s preferred source of fuel and quick energy for muscles. Eat fruit sparingly (just a piece of whole fruit a day or less is ideal) if you have blood sugar regulation issues. Since the glycemic factor or index is a measure of how the food affects blood glucose levels, low glycemic fruits will have a lesser impact on blood glucose. Low glycemic fruits include avocados, apples, cranberries, grapefruit, lemons, limes, pears and plums. Eat the edible fruit skin because it is loaded with nutrition and fiber which will slow the impact of glucose resulting from the fruit.“

For the full story on whole fresh fruit nutrition pick up a copy of A Fresh Wellness Mindset here. It’s also available at BarnesandNoble on line, Garcia Street Books in Santa Fe, Tattered Cover Bookstores in Colorado and more retailers.

If aiding your digestion and balancing blood sugar is something you would like guidance about, schedule a Free 15 with Tam John on the phone to ask your Qs and find out if the EatRight-LiveWell™ system is a fit for you. Even the healthiest food not well digested will be of no benefit and could be counter productive to wellness.

A Fresh Wellness Mindset is a guide to learn to love food that loves you back. It isn’t about one way of eating or a diet. It is a road map for a natural healthy life journey everyone can apply to their individuality.

Food of the Season

Excerpt from A Fresh Wellness Mindset

‘Variety is the spice of life.  Variety implies a wide array of nutrients.  Eating a wide selection of food creates more opportunity for the body to get all of the nutrients it needs….’ 

3 Truths to encourage variety in your food life

1.   Most people eat a small number (around 10 – 15) of the same foods on an on-going basis.  

To combat boring routines and nutritional limitation, check in here each week for ideas to add a fresh seasonal food to your life.  Ideas are in sync with Mother Nature's brilliant cues to eat in cycles reflecting the availability of seasonal food with the body’s energetic needs. 

2.  Choose food in sync with nature and you will be making choices which resonate with your body’s design and natural tendencies.

Life puts your body and mind through a lot of figurative and literal stretching, twisting, and extending energetically.  Eating in sync with Mother Nature makes it easier for your body to adapt to the life you live. 

3.  Choosing foods offering a wide assortment of color is more than good for you.  Eating this way gives your senses delicious variety of texture, taste, smells and sight. 

Have more fun with food.  You and your children can experience food as true beauty and joy by getting creative with food choices that evolve to more variety and alignment with nature’s seasons.

 Food of the Season:

Whole Fresh Fruit

It’s no wonder whole fresh fruit is naturally abundant seasonally in summer. This reflects the brilliance of the human design. The summer months are when energetic needs are the highest. We are out of doors, more active and thus more energy creation is needed in the summer.

Many diet fads tout the benefit of eliminating carbohydrates (carbs) from a person’s food life. This frame of mind is yet another example that all food is not created equal.

Following fads like ketogenic dieting can jeopardize complete nourishment because the complex carbohydrates found in whole fresh fruit (and veggies) are where micronutrients, antioxidants and more minerals are found.

Yes processed refined carbs, the simple carbs, like baked goods and packaged foods are ideally greatly eliminated or reduced to moderation and inclusion of the best quality / real lively food ingredients. Grains, when well digested should be moderated in quantity and always the best quality.

The book A Fresh Wellness Mindset delves into balancing macronutrients, optimizing micronutrients and putting quality foremost as a guide for everyone to personalize their food life healthfully.

With the EatRight-LiveWell™ approach you can quickly understand the premise that quality, quantity and how well you digest and assimilate food is the means to a personally healthful food life. The EatRight-LiveWell™ approach and this premise is the basis for Tam John’s book title A Fresh Wellness Mindset. The book has 19 all-American recipes for every meal and snacks, based on real lively food and free of gluten.

Berry Green Salad is one of the beautiful recipes in A Fresh Wellness Mindset made with fresh basil, tender greens, an assortment of berries and a honey sweetened dressing with champagne vinegar. Tip: serve ‘Cobb salad style’ and everyone will take what pleases them the most.

Tam John, founder of the EatRight-LiveWell holistic system for smarter self care encourages simple salads made with just a few of the freshest most tender ingredients. Try the Berry Green Salad featured in A Fresh Wellness Mindset.

Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash