Executive Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Live and Lead with Optimal Wellness

‘It’s Contagious’

Be prepared for those around you to step up their game as they respond to your increased energy and vitality.

life is all about being your best to bring out the best in everyone around you

Engage Executive Nutrition and Wellness Coaching with EatRight-LiveWell™, a holistic system for personalized nutrition and functional wellness developed by Tam John.

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When you want to explore whether Executive Nutrition and Wellness Coaching is right for you, a call with Tam John is the means to get started.

In your complimentary preliminary call ask Tam about the EatRight-LiveWell™ system, issues ailing your vitality, wellness goals or something else. She will answer your Qs and provide details about pricing, and getting started toward achieving your wellness goals.

Consultations are available in-person in the EatRight-LiveWell Greenwood Village, CO office, and via phone or video. Tam will make ‘office calls’ to you in Greenwood Village/DTC, Inverness and downtown Denver.

Personalized Nutrition and functional wellness based on the EatRight-LiveWell™ holistic system work because it is all about you.


The Pinnacle of Health Care is

Self Care

Executives, Owners, Business Leaders and Pros know to be bring their teams and organizations to the height of success they must be their best.

Leading by great example to exemplify greatness requires deep insight to know the best choices. This is especially applicable when navigating unique bio-chemistry and individuality and the modern food supply with abundant nutritional myths about best diets and clean/healthy food.

Your body knows

The EatRight-LiveWell system incorporates assessments of physiology and function, along with personal preferences and wellness goals. Fundamental to making truly healthful choices is building aligned microsteps to efficiently support the body for its natural state of wellness.

An integrated approach

The human body is a miraculous connection between body, mind and spirit. Inputs of rest, stress recovery at a physiological level, motion along with food and drink all create an amazing cascade of how one experiences wellness or not. Soon after beginning a practice of choosing aligned/truly healthful inputs in an easy fashion, signs/symptoms can diminish and life can feel so much better.

Personalized Wellness Plans/ you will learn to:

  • Illuminate your choices: With the use of non-invasive functional evaluation and knowing your input you will learn to make choices otherwise unrecognizable.

  • Enlighten your choices: Bridge unapparent nutritional gaps. Did you know not all healthy food is healthful for everyone? Learn to use food to balance nutrient and mineral ratios vital to feel and function your best.

  • Illumine absorption of nutrients. Even the best food not well assimilated will be of no value and could be counter-productive. Simple tweaks to your regimen can have a huge positive benefit.

find out what you should be eating

The EatRight-LiveWell™ system is based on creating a healthful food life rather than a diet. Diets can have merit although they imply deprivation. Diets are intended for a season or a reason, whereas the EatRight-LiveWell approach is about learning what is right for you personally and adjusting it over time based on your energetic and functional needs for life.

Popular diets like Whole30®, Ketogenic, The South Beach Diet, Paleo, and AIP are models of what may be very productive food choices. Often though, their benefit is short term and seldom is one diet entirely right for anyone. There can be components that don’t align with your body’s unique needs for long term satisfaction. For wellness you must be satisfyingly nourished.

EatRight-LiveWell Evaluations and offerings:

Functional Assessment: Evaluates pillars of foundational wellness: an online evaluation that takes about 20 minutes to complete. Provides your bio-individual priorities for nutritional therapy. For instance if you seek greater gut health, this assessment targets which aspect of your GI system is a priority for the whole system to improve.

Circadian Saliva Testing

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Micronutrient/Omega Testing

Company Wellness Strategy

During your complimentary conversation with Tam, please ask about any of these. She’ll make recommendations based on your wellness goals.

Web Special: When you refer a friend, family member or colleague and they book a service or testing with EatRight-LiveWell you will receive a $50.00 credit off future services or testing you can use anytime. Mention ‘Web Special’ when you inquire to receive the offer. (Lighten Up Cleanse is excluded).