EatRight-LiveWell Acclaim

“Tam is very skilled at nutritional programs and counseling that is individualized for each person’s life style and needs. If you are looking for a practitioner that cares beyond expectation and are ready to move into a healthy life pattern that fits YOU, please call and be ready for a fantastic break thru in your personal health journey!” ~~ Dr. Kathie Lunnon (DC), Castle Rock, CO

“Very professional and effective. Ms. John provided a well-organized thoughtful, educational and inspirational class series for eight members of my management team. She really knows her material. I would say the majority of us, yours truly included, had not put together the ramifications of stress on how we feel. In quick order I’ve seen shifts in the way my management team run their own lives from a work perspective. I’m seeing a shift in numbers that matter like being down for sickness. It’s great to see more ‘walking meetings’ and I’ve even noticed the break room food is changing for the healthier. I can see I’ll be bring Ms. John back in the future.” ~~T.R. President, Mortgage Lending Company, Englewood, CO

“I brought Tam John/EatRight-LiveWell in to my firm at the beginning of tax season to fortify my team with wellness inspiration before the work load became grueling. The subject matter was presented in a way to enlighten each of us to make change that felt like a fit for us individually. One person gave up a soda habit, more of us focused on consistent hydration and others did things that they knew had been bugging them. These are things that many people know aren’t healthy yet they did them anyway. Tam has a way of connecting the dots that made sense and practical. The information sorted out lots of nutritional myths and guided the team to make better choices easy. Tam presented ideas to us that we had fun with individually and as a team. I think the series of three classes worked to lighten the burden of tax season and gave us things we are doing on-going to support ourselves well.” ~~J.S., Managing Member, CPA Firm, Denver, CO

“Tam is amazing and complete.   No one is as thorough and thoughtful about trying to help people with nutrition and other stuff to help them feel better. She has helped me a ton.”  ~~Tim K., Castle Pines, CO

"Several things have changed since we [Tam & G.R.] started working together. First, I'm losing weight for the first time in a long time - no extra exercise and no weird dieting. Second, I do feel better overall…. And I’m sleeping better, not getting up in the night." ~~GR, Lone Tree, CO

“After seeing my Physician about wrenching gut pain, the MRI showed sludge and gallstones in my gallbladder.  I was hesitant to have my gallbladder removed because several friends have had more problems after gallbladder removal.  Tam has helped me with some other health items so I called her.  After evaluating my diet, she gave me a plan to follow.  Six weeks into the new way of eating, some supplements she said are supportive of healthful function and a few new habits, I haven’t had a single episode of digestive discomfort.  Everyday I’m eating good food that agrees with me and it is easy to do.  Thank you for your care Tam.” ~~DM, Denver, CO 

"Two weeks into following Tam's guidance I am getting two more hours of good sleep every night. I feel good when I wake up first time in a long time. Making other choices with things I didn't realize had such a big impact on me like the hidden sugar in so much food and adding some targeted 'healing' foods for me have given me a lot more stamina too. She's helped me replace soda with some satisfying drinks so I don't even miss it." ~~KT, Castle Pines, CO

“I always appreciate all the helpful support you give me.  There are so many easy things to support my health I had no idea about.  Best of all, I haven’t had any tummy troubles since I started following your recommendations.  The plan you gave me is easy follow because it tastes great and I feel better.   THANK YOU SO MUCH!!” ~~MD, Colorado Springs, CO

"Working with Tam, for the first time in a long time I started losing weight. I don't feel any hungrier but with the nutritional plan she provided I am eating foods I thought were off limits. I followed her advice that I was over-exercising (I didn’t know that was possible) and feel a lot calmer, more relaxed, not going full speed all the time. Oh, and I am sleeping better. Life feels better." ~~ RC, Las Vegas, NV

“Tam, I am following the plan you did for me, and I am feeling really good.  Seriously, really good!  Right away I am sleeping through the night which is a Blessing.  My energy and digestion are so much better.  It’s great how I can eat really satisfying food and have so much more energy.  Thank You! “ ~~MA, Greenwood Village, CO 

"My sickness had been progressing for so long, the discomfort and pain kept advancing without a solution in sight. I have been under Tam’s care for 3 months and things have greatly improved for me. I am feeling so much better so much more of the time. I believe my body is starting to function as it should and I am on the right path to wellness now that I am working with Tam." ~~LB, Tulsa, OK

"Having suffered from restless leg syndrome (RLS) for years, Tam John recommended some dietary changes, supplements and a simple process to do every evening.  Almost immediately the RLS was GONE.  What a relief to not go through the agony!" ~~MR, Denver, CO

"I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff.  Electrical currents ran down both arms and down to my fingers.  Fortunately, I met Tam John and she helped me so much with improving my diet and recommending amazing supplements to assist the healing." ~~LA, Rochester, NY

“I am an elderly woman.  I fell at home and had severe nerve damage to my upper body.  The surgical operation was successful, but I still had nerve damage to heal.  Tam John's program is a God-send.  Thanks to her, I am eating more nutritiously and faithfully taking the supplements she recommended.  Tam has helped me in so many ways - not only with guiding me how to reverse the nerve damage, but with my overall health, especially for an older person.”  -~~AD, Denver, CO