Company Wellness Programs by EatRight-LiveWell™

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” ~Aristotle

The EatRight-LiveWell™ approach to Company Wellness Programs springs forth a Return On Investment / ROI by addressing the root of issues holding back better performance. The premise is to shift mindset and transform habits aligned with health and wellness. Team members who perform optimally are energized by choices that fuel their professional and personal lives well.

EatRight-LiveWell’s signature company wellness class was designed by Tam John to support attendees physiological function, mindset shift and habit transformation. Practical aligned action is introduced to aid stress recovery and guide every day choices to make a positive impact intended to align with better performance, productivity, wellness and satisfaction in the lives of attendees. The three one hour sessions occur over a three week period to initiate habit transformation resulting in better feeling and performing employees. Tam John is savvy to tailor the class to its participants. Discuss how the class may be a fit for your company wellness initiatives in a complimentary phone conversation with Tam.

lead Boldly bar none

Top Down: The C-Suite must lead by example while investing in an approach to create greater wellness for the good of the organization. Walking the walk, and living it by engaging and expecting the management line to do the same is the core of a healthy company.

Get wise about what is driving your team’s behavior

To guide people to health driven change, you must know the challenges and motivations of your employees. Behavior will always follow the reward program. Get to the core of the problem to align resources wisely.

Dive deeply into data: Given a surge of wellness programs in organizations with more than a hundred employees in recent years, medical claims continue to rise. Performance isn’t tops when medical claims are rising. Assess what your medical claim trends are telling you is happening with employees.

Know the challenges of the employee team: Host focus groups and listen to where the employees would like guidance. Be prepared to make suggestions of offerings and survey employees about what resonates for them. Know that they won’t tell you everything and they may tell you what they think you want to hear. The issues plaguing them are personal and they deserve privacy while feeling safety. Develop an anonymous system for letting them step out safely with where they need help. Engage an external resource to facilitate focus groups and 1:1 sessions for discovery. Earn employee respect. Chances are, at a core level they know the health care model isn’t serving proactive wellness.

break out of the status quo

Go beyond the traditional health care model: If the traditional model were working well for prevention and performance, medical claims and statistics about employee medical leaves and illness related absenteeism wouldn’t be increasing.

Although it can be fun, if you are seeking a measurable ROI, hydration challenges, weight loss and walking contests won’t likely precipitate lasting change for the better for most. People need tools for fundamental self care which align with their unique needs and resources.

Give people 1:1 resources that get to the root of the issue that the traditional health care model can’t address. Give people the means to find the root cause of their fatigue, brain fog, chronic pain, insomnia, digestive and mood/anxiety issues or something else.

Personalize It: While there are universal principles to optimal health and wellness, one diet and set of lifestyle choices isn’t right for everyone. For instance, the benefit of mindful meditation is having a resurgence in many wellness venues. However, there isn’t one meditation practice that appeals to everyone. Giving team members resources to choose and gauge by how they feel, how their body and mind respond and what they deem a fit for their life and schedule is the way to assure they will stay with and grow into this healthful practice. For habit transformation to take place, invest in personalized approaches that guide team members to learn to honor their unique needs.

bottom line it for the mission

Communicate: Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Develop a corporate philosophy about the health and wellness of the company being aligned with that of its employees. Let them know their health and wellness is important to the organization. Boldly put this messaging front and center throughout your company with signage in the break rooms, conference rooms and lobby. Make it a big deal with a presentation to unveil its official importance with the organization’s mission. Write about it in newsletters. Speak about it in meetings.

The EatRight-LiveWell™ approach to Company Wellness Programs springs forth a Return On Investment / ROI by addressing the root of issues holding back better performance.

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Company Wellness Programs with EatRight-LiveWell™ break out of the status quo. Invest in aligned personalized programs and watch results soar.

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Five Whys: Choose Tam john’s EatRight-LiveWell™ Approach for Company Wellness Programs:

  1. Tam’s 25 year track record for integrity and accountability working with leaders and line level teams. Tam is integral to strategic achievement with tactical development and delivery.

  2. Master of Science research, analysis and design experience and excellence.

  3. Formal training in time honored principles of functional nutrition and wellness with the latest in nutrition science honoring personalized approaches, unique bio-chemistry and individuality.

  4. Depth and breadth of resources to contribute to your organizational strategy and delivery of tools for greater wellness and hence productivity.

  5. Tam’s specialty is bridging organizational objectives with team professional needs to achieve a winning outcome.

The EatRight-LiveWell™ approach to Company Wellness Programs springs forth a Return On Investment / ROI by addressing the root of issues holding back better performance. Schedule a complimentary discovery call with Tam John, Principal and Integrative Wellness Leader at EatRight-LiveWell™.

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