Community Supported Agriculture with Tam John

 Fresh Seasonal Food Grown Close to Home

Photo by Dana DeVolk on Unsplash

Photo by Dana DeVolk on Unsplash


Excerpt from Tam's title: 

A Fresh Wellness Mindset  

"Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a means for farmers and consumers to share risk and reward of farming operations.  The consumer pays an annual (or seasonal) fee to the CSA.  This membership entitles the consumer to share the farm's bounty.  Risk and reward is shared accordingly.  If the farm has a bad season due to a weather event or other circumstances, the shareholder won't receive as much bounty.  The shareholder either picks up produce or other goods weekly at the farm or a pickup location nearer the residential area of the shareholders is provided. "  (John, 2018)

My love of growing and preserving heirloom veggies is something I have enjoyed for nearly a decade.  In my restoration back to optimal health I believe veggie gardening nourished me to wellness in body, mind and spirit.  On my five acre spread I've grown such a huge bounty of veggies that I used to take veggies with me on my business meetings and give them to my clients and colleagues.  It beat a stuffy marketing brochure every day!  To give an idea of my scope, my best year in the pumpkin patch portion of my spread produced 30 sweet pie pumpkins.  I perfected pumpkin everything and the pureed frozen pumpkin lasted to spring time for my dogs.  Needless to say I love growing my own food.  

I have completed two University level horticulture programs which gave me the science behind the thrill of watching the seed germinate, flower and produce fruit and vegetables.  Scaling back my urban gardening endeavors best I can say is I lovingly dabble with my veggie cultivation today.  Since I can't grow as many veggies as I want to eat, I lean to a CSA to augment my gardening.

Even if you aren't a member of a CSA, you will likely see many of the same veggies and herbs at the farmer's markets and local produce sections of your grocery market.    

Excerpt from my title:  A Fresh Wellness Mindset… “ Variety is the spice of life.  Variety implies a wide array of nutrients.  Eating a wide selection of food creates more opportunity for the body to get all of the nutrients it needs….” (John, 2018)