Bye Bye Shame

Bye Bye Shame will guide you to Learn Tools to Live Authentically and refute shame, the end result of bullying. Founded by Tam John of EatRight-LiveWell, a holistic system for smarter self care.

Photo by Ricardo Frantz on Unsplash


Because Wellness is Holistic

Bye Bye Shame hosts free events in Centennial Colorado for people to learn tools to shift their thoughts, choices and evolve positive emotions. The emphasis of Bye Bye Shame is to refute shame often handed to us by family, and others in positions of trust and authority.

Shame may be the trickiest emotion of all. How each person navigates around and through shame is unique. But one thing is true for all. Shame permeates each life it impacts in a disgusting energy wrenching way. Bit by bit, ‘Bye Bye Shame’ is here to support you with resources to release your shame and live life well.

Find the next Bye Bye Shame event here. Please pass this on to a friend and join the conversation.

Wholehearted Self Acceptance is the means to living an authentic life