‘A Fresh Wellness Mindset’ is about learning to love food that loves you back. It isn’t about one way of eating or a diet. It is a road map for a natural healthy life journey everyone can apply to their individuality. Learn more about the EatRight-LiveWell integrative and functional approach to live with optimal wellness.

‘A Fresh Wellness Mindset’ is about learning to love food that loves you back. 

The book isn’t about one way of eating or a diet.  It is a road map for a natural healthy life journey everyone can apply to their individuality.

  • This book is written for those who need to or want to avoid gluten, grains and any problematic food; and easily choose replacements that support feeling really good and living well (with a road map to reintroduction of once problematic foods if desired). 

  • This book is the ultimate guide to help you choose wisely when you have any food sensitivity, whether it is gluten, grains, dairy, eggs, corn, tomatoes, other nightshades or something else.

  • This book is helps you sort out nutritional myths and navigate the modern food supply healthfully.

  • This book is full of ideas you can apply to your real life whether you are at home or traveling; along with 19 easy ‘all-American’ every day recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (all free of gluten). 

Readers are guided to ultimately support pillars of good health, blood sugar balance and healthy digestion, for assimilation of nutrition and optimal energy. 

A Fresh Wellness Mindset Reviews:

A Fresh Wellness Mindset is a useful book with tools and tips for the reader to choose well. The role of digestion and blood sugar balance for optimizing health is well emphasized.” - Dr. John Douillard DC CAP, Founder of LifeSpa.com with over 9 million YouTube views and 135K+ newsletter subscribers. Author of Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bring Wheat and Dairy Back into Your Diet; The 3-Season Diet: Eat the Way Nature Intended: Lose Weight, Beat Food Cravings, and Get Fit; Colorado Cleanse 4.0:14-Day Ayurvedic Digestive Detox and Lymph Cleanse with Seasonal Cookbook; Body, Mind, and Sport: The Mind-Body Guide to Lifelong Health, Fitness, and Your Personal Best; and Perfect Health for Kids: Ten Ayurvedic Health Secrets Every Parent Must Know.


A Fresh Wellness Mindset offers something for everyone. When you want to feel better about the food and beverages you and your family consume, Tam John’s title is a road map to personalizing your food choices. The book gets it right to easily and deliciously choose food that you love and loves you back.” -Shannon Weston, Owner and Founder Vibe Foods SuperFood Bar, Lone Tree CO


"A key book for every health journey.   A Fresh Wellness Mindset blends traditional wisdom with a fresh and relatable vibe for the modern reader.  This is a must for every health office and healthy living home!"  -Dr. Rachel Yan, DC, NTP, RWP, Functional Medicine Wellness Coach & 9 News Nutrition Contributor.


"A Fresh Wellness Mindset is a refreshing and needed addition to the myriad of books written on the subject of nutrition and wellness.  So many authors of nutrition take the position that they have discovered the one way and that their way is the only way.  ......

Tam John’s book is, on the other hand, a guide to self discovery that will lead her readers to the diet that works for them.  No more “diet of the month” approaches here.  Tam carefully explains the nuances of important topics ......  She has made the journey herself from poor health back to vitality and now is compelled to help others on their journey!

A Fresh Wellness Mindset is a well referenced and scientifically accurate guide that can be used by an individual on their own journey or in conjunction with a Wellness Practitioner.  Well done!"  Read the full book review here

Gray L. Graham, BA, NTP

Founder of the Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc.

Author of Pottenger’s Prophecy, How Food Can Reset Genes for Wellness or Illness


A Fresh Wellness Mindset is a perfect road map you can use to help you sort out all of the nutritional mythology there is out there. Tam is the perfect partner for you to have with you on your wellness journey. She writes like she coaches...with sincerity, knowledge, compassion and inspiration. If you are ready to live in the best body you can and to have the energy you want...this is the book to get started with! -Dr. Keesha Ewers, the founder of The Academy for Integrative Medicine, an integrative medicine expert, doctor of sexology, psychotherapist, board certified functional medicine provider, Ayurvedic practitioner, medicine woman, best-selling author, speaker, and mother of four.


"This book provides a great model for understanding how diet can be used to help balance us from a physical, mental and emotional perspective. It is well written, well researched and full of useful advise (read all labels!). With my busy schedule, it's a stark reminder to stop and think about what I'm putting in my body when I'm in a hurry (especially limiting easy gluten choices which usually brings on regret). I definitely recommend this book!" -Janice Cuaron


"The book [A Fresh Wellness Mindset] is so relevant to my way of thinking—great recipes for wellness were in the book. I am in to the natural approach to healing vs doctors just prescribing pills, etc. The author had so many interesting scenarios in the book, dealing with wonderful healing recipes. Something for everyone to relate to in the book.”-Kathy Bryant


“Eating healthy has been a challenge for me for a long time. A Fresh Wellness Mindset has so many great things to help meal plan; tables to refer back to; and even healthy meal ideas. I look forward to implementing many of these easy steps into my mealtime planning for my family and me.” -Lisa Pierson


"Very instructional for people who want to improve their health. Great tips, great recipes and very good insights! The "Mindset" answered a lot of questions that I have about eating healthfully without avoiding my special "treats". I learned so much and truly enjoyed reading the book!" -Aurora Kirk


"Loved the Book, A Fresh Wellness Mindset by Tam John!
Learned so much about learning about the correct way to eat and organize my life. So much to learn from this excellent book."
-Barbara A. Graves


"Great book helped me understand I don’t have to search for a perfect diet with the roller coaster cycle of being on and off healthy eating. It has lots of tips and ideas to find what’s right for me without crazy dieting and excessive exercising. Now I know how to have tasty food that satisfies me without feeling deprived and starved. The recipes are easy and make great leftovers so I always have good food ready." - John Clinton


"Tam! Diving into your book and it's really great... I love your writing style and am learning a lot!!" - Destany Myers


“Great book [speaking on A Fresh Wellness Mindset].  Everyone should have one on their coffee table and one in the kitchen.  It’s a great reference whether I am planning food for the week, doing a quick health look up with one of the reference guides or preparing one of the great recipes. A Fresh Wellness Mindset keeps me on track with healthy food within reach. -David Vaughn

“Congrats on the book [A Fresh Wellness Mindset]! I really enjoyed it and the recipes.” - Jill Bainbridge Clayton