Resolution Reboot: Strengthen Your Mindset to Achieve and Keep Results You Desire

Beautiful summer weather leaves no doubt summer is not only on, but the year is half over.  A lingering feeling of the passion and desire of force to feel somehow better a mere six months ago sparks action to get back on the trail for everlasting improvement.

Resolution Reboot: Strengthen your mindset to achieve and keep results you desire. Get tips to get on a personally healthful course for life without weird dieting and excessive exercise with the EatRight-LiveWell™ holistic system for smarter self care.

The wise part of you knows that to try to starve yourself into submission or work harder, run faster, and lift more weight is a pattern resembling a roller coaster.  In the beginning it feels exciting to reap quick rewards with anticipation of reaching the top.  Soon enough though you will fall off the best intentions and you’re at the bottom again. 

Tips to get on a personally healthful course for life without weird dieting and excessive exercise:

1.  Be Realistic:  Rather than making a declaration to ‘Get Healthy’ or ‘Exercise More’ and then seek to delete every misaligned behavior at once or become an exercising fanatic, find lasting success with a nice and easy approach.  Your body likes well-practiced ease. 

2.   Be Balanced:  You are amazing, but you can’t do everything at once.  For everything you add (workouts, food regimens, supplements, etc) take away one thing that isn’t working.    Make room for delicious satisfaction from your food and exercise routines. 

3.  Be with ease:  This is opposed to dis-ease.  Too much of a good thing like over-exercise, excessive dieting and binge/purge cycles create oxidative stress that could lead to injury or dis-ease. 

4.  Be Cheat Ready:  Rather than reaching for an old bad habit be grounded in a commitment to allow yourself real food at all times.  Junk food really is junkie food.  Break addictions to bad food by knowing what is in the food you consume.  Ingredients matter.

5.  Be Kind to Yourself:  Take 20 minutes every morning to write how you feel and your thoughts to get in touch with your mindset.  You wouldn’t speak such negativity to a friend.  Speaking and thinking kindness to yourself first will ground you in positivity and self-encouragement.

Great health habits take practice.  Clearing your palate to choose satisfying and delicious macronutrients rich in micronutrients and anti-oxidants with personally aligned movement and stress recovery will nourish and satisfy you forever.  EatRight-LiveWell™ is a personalized micro stepped system. With EatRight-LiveWell™ you will receive a personalized plan that takes into account your body’s physiology (via testing and assessment, not guessing) to find out what your patterns and signs and symptoms are trying to reveal to you. 

The EatRight-LiveWell™ holistic system is means for you to hone how you care for yourself.

EatRight-LiveWell™ clients receive personalized guidance based on their physiology. It sorts out nutritional myths and diet fads; and polishes stress recovery in a modern busy life so you can feel very well. It’s for life, never a short term diet. Check out the Zero Deprivation Promise and schedule a complimentary phone conversation with Tam John to ask your Qs and check out the fit for you.