Navigate the Collagen Craze Well

Collagen products are seemingly everywhere. Commonly they are found as powders and pills, collagen is added to bars, creamer, and more food products. It is touted as the necessary link for beauty, strength, structural support and more.

There is merit supporting your body’s healthful collagen production. Collagen is said to make up a significant portion of healthy structure. Collagen is generally 70-90% ligaments; 80 - 90% tendons; 70% cartilage; 30% bone; 40% blood vessels are collagen and elastin; and 70% skin. Naturally collagen begins to diminish with age, making nourishment all the more vital to Be Ageless and Vibrant.

But don’t let marketing claims and misinformation fool you….

Most collagen powders are destroyed in the gut.

Some collagen powders are poor quality and may contain chemicals you never intend to consume.

Naturally you want a return for your investment of time and resources with everything you consume.

Collagen is vital to connective health for structure and beauty of the human physique. Did you know most collagen powders are destroyed by the digestive process. EatRight-LiveWell™ guides you how to amp up your collagen production with this article.

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Giving the body what it needs to produce its own endogenous collagen will always be more effective than supplementing with collagen to aid collagen regeneration for hair, skin, nails, connective tissues and bone health.

Xymogen’s RegeneMax® Plus is one of the most scientifically researched and effective collagen products available. It’s based on silicon, an ubiquitous element present in various tissues of the human body. Silicon performs an important role in connective tissue health. However silicon is difficult to get from the diet because it is destroyed in modern processing.

RegeneMax® Plus features patented ‘choline stabilization’ technology that makes it a bioavailable form of silicon . It helps naturally nourish the body’s beauty proteins: collagen, elastin and keratin. Ask EatRight-LiveWell™ for the Doctor’s reference sheet for a detailed discussion on the research and technology.

Seeing and feeling the results of supplementation requires consistency. It is a building process that needs tending to like a flourishing garden. RegeneMax® Plus is 43.61 (60 capsules) and 77.68 (120 capsules) less an EatRight-LiveWell™ discount if applicable.

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