Scrumptious Almond Coconut Creamer

One thing I love is a good cup of coffee or tea provided it has the creamy goodness milk delivers. When you wish to avoid dairy, choosing a creamer suitable to healthful food life can be challenging. Commercial creamers are often loaded with chemicals, GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe although shown to be problematic) ingredients like carageenan and other stabilizers, preservatives, sugar and ‘natural’ flavorings (which is a catch all for ingredients you really don’t want to consume).

ANSWER: Scrumptious Almond Coconut Creamer

Scrumptious Almond Coconut Creamer is the answer when you want wholesome silky smooth yet frothy decadence for your tea, coffee and granola. Get the recipe here by EatRight-LiveWell principal Tam John, Integrative Wellness Leader.

Photo by Alex Boyd on Unsplash

Almond Coconut Creamer Recipe

If making almond milk isn’t your thing; or you are like me and would love to make almond milk but come on, there are only so many hours available, then skip step one and buy good quality almond milk.  I like Califia Farms ® because they don’t use carageenan.

Step One:  If you are making almond milk, here’s how.  You will need 2 cups raw almonds (organic is a plus but not a must);  4 cups purified water; nut milk bag, large (at least quart) wide mouth glass jar, wide mouth funnel and optional ingredients ( maple syrup, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and vanilla). 

Freeze wire whip and mixing bowl for your electric mixer.  Put the coconut milk or cream in the frig to get it nice and cold for a couple hours ahead of time. 

·         Soak 2 cups of raw almonds in purified water a good eight – ten hours. 

·         Drain and rinse almonds.  Put almonds in food processor with 4 cups water. 

·         Process until frothy and smooth.

·         Options:  Add any or all of the following:  1 tsp cinnamon; 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice; 1 or 2 tsp vanilla.  Add one at a time, blend and taste before adding more to be sure you like it.

·         Process for another couple of minutes. 

·         Set nut milk bag inside glass jar.  Place funnel inside bag.  Slowly pour in the nut milk.  Remove funnel and squeeze out milk with ultra clean hands.  Save nut pulp for cookies.

·         Taste how delicious it is.  Put a lid on and refrigerate it.

Step Two:  Make the creamer.  You will need a 14 oz can of coconut milk or coconut cream & two teaspoons of tapioca starch (same as tapioca flour).  Get one without guar gum.  Choose organic if you are so inclined (not a top priority for this recipe).  You will need a glass jar and lid.  I use a canning jar. 

Options:  add a tsp or so of cacao powder or maca powder for flavor and an antioxidant boost. 

·         Refrigerate your coconut cream or milk for a good long time (a few hours).

·         If using coconut milk, drain the watery liquid in a glass jar and reserve it for smoothies, soups or drink it if you love it.

·         Put the remaining hardened milk or coconut cream in the frozen mixing bowl. 

·         Put a towel over the mixer because this stuff flies. 

·         Turn your mixer on high and let it whip for a few minutes.  It will be getting nice and light, frothy.

·         Add the tapioca flour and whip it for another couple minutes for more froth.

·         Shake your almond milk to bring up anything that settled.  Add about a 1/8 cup of your almond milk.  Cover the mixer with the towel and whip it on high for a few more minutes.  Dip your spoon in and taste it.  You can add more almond milk (and whip if you would like to or enjoy it as is) for your desired consistency (and keep whipping).

·         Admire how beautifully frothy your Scrumptious Almond Coconut creamer is.

·         Pour this creamy mixture in a glass jar in the frig. 

·         Add it to coffee, tea, herbal coffee or granola for a decadent wholesome treat. 

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