French Toast with a Twist

Wanting a little something sweet is natural. The key to keeping your blood sugar balanced and on a healthy track with your weight and everything else is to make choices based around real lively food and always with a little quality protein. Naturally the quality protein pairs with healthy fat in nature so you are satisfied with energy that lasts. Like this beautiful French Toast with a Twist, it is always appealing to Body, Mind and Spirit.

French Toast with a Twist satisfies your sweet side with savory ingredients just like Mother Nature intended. Get the recipe from Tam John and EatRight-LiveWell.

Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash

French Toast with a Twist


4 slices of real sourdough bread made with organic sprouted spelt or wheat flour. The sourdough makes the ‘twist’. This is bread like Mother Nature intended. If you are Celiac or have Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity choose 4 slices allowable bread, preferably a homemade choice without added sugar and chemicals to replace the structure gluten provides.

2 organic eggs whipped to a frothy consistency in a glass dish you can lay down the bread slice by slice.

Real grass fed butter, probably a couple Tbsp for the griddle.


Real maple syrup

More real grass fed butter, probably a couple more Tbsp for serving

Fresh blueberries

Sliced banana


Almond butter

Cinnamon for sprinkling

Organic breakfast meat like sausage or bacon as a side for extra protein and energy.


Let each slice of bread soak in the eggs for a good minute or two on each side to let it absorb in the bread.

Meanwhile, heat the griddle pan to medium, add the butter.

Once butter is melted and bread is drenched in ‘eggy’ goodness, place the bread on the warmed griddle.

Check in a few minutes for golden color on bread and turn.

Ready when both sides are golden brown.

Serve immediately with warm maple syrup and desired toppings.

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