Got Calcium?

People in the West/ the American culture tend to consume calcium rich foods like milk, cheese, ice cream, other dairy products and processed food products that are calcium fortified.  For many people these foods precipitate digestive discomfort indicating the food (and hence the calcium) are not being assimilated well.  Although the convenience of processed food products makes them ‘go to’ staples in a typical American diet, calcium fortification can be a synthetic form of calcium.  Other components like sugar domination and overly processed ingredients are chemically laden and man made.  This makes a lot of processed foods bothersome for digestion and assimilation for energy the human body really thrives on.

A dairy-free diet may alleviate symptomatic concerns about consuming those calcium rich foods. Beyond this approach to alleviating discomfort and concerns, calcium is necessary. To get the benefit of other calcium rich foods like some veggies or supplementation, the issue of digestion and assimilation remains.

Co-factors are the necessary components for nutrients to get in your system for your benefit.  Real lively food Mother Nature provides comes with necessary co-factors. 

Having healthy bones and teeth and the other benefits of calcium are largely about the co-factors that work with calcium.  When calcium is overly dominant or out of balance with necessary co-factors, it can be stored in tissue and arteries causing buildup that may be very detrimental to optimal health.  This is why calcium can be a predictor of cardiovascular risk.

Choose real lively food as a rich source of calcium with the necessary co-factors for assimilation and hence vibrant energy.  Greens; especially collard, spinach, turnip, mustard and beet greens are excellent sources of calcium with co-factors Mother Nature provides.   More greens like Bok Choy, Swiss chard, kale, broccoli and asparagus and also good sources of calcium in real lively food.  You’ll also get calcium from fennel, parsley, celery, cinnamon, Brussels sprouts and oranges (choose the whole fruit) to name a few.

As with all the foods consumed they must be well-digested and assimilated to be of benefit. Even the healthiest foods not well digested can be counterproductive.

Any supplementation routine should be entered with the professional advice of a qualified practitioner.  This holds true especially for calcium.  The idea of the importance of calcium supplementation for one and all is a nutritional myth. Not everyone needs calcium supplementation. 

Get tested. Don’t Guess..  Knowing your personal mineral balance is helpful to know how your body is using and storing calcium.  You can’t know from guessing.  Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is an analytical test that assays 36 elements from the mineral composition of the hair.  This personalized compilation may provide indications of mineral imbalances, deficiencies, and excesses of many essential and toxic elements.  It can be a tool to provide a more holistic and comprehensive picture upon which to base nutritional therapy.  You may find annoyances like aches, pains, headaches, dizziness, weight gain, fatigue, etc can be alleviated by getting your mineral balance in order. 

The test is easy and no, you don’t have to create a bald spot to take it.  If you have a natural bald spot you can still take the test!  It’s all available for under $150 which includes the reports from the laboratory and your consultation with Tam to discuss the results.  Contact EatRight-LiveWell to get the sample kit and get started.  Your consultation with Tam can be in person in one of her Colorado locations, virtually or on the phone.  Get Tested.  Don’t Guess.  It could be a lifesaver!

Get Tested for Mineral Balance. Don’t Guess

A dairy free diet, while popular and necessary for those who don’t digest and assimilate dairy foods well, may not be an entirely healthful solution.

Calcium is an important mineral for health.  It’s presence in the human body is most notably associated with skeletal structure and teeth.  Calcium is also important for muscle and nerve function along with acid/alkaline balance in blood.  Healthy blood balance sustains breathing rate and oxygenation of blood.

Getting calcium from your diet into your bones, skeletal structure and healthy blood balance is a game of cofactors. EatRight-LiveWell Principal Tam John, Integrative Wellness Leader and Author provide time-honored wisdom and the latest in nutrition science. Read Tam’s article to learn about functional calcium and other mineral balance.

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is an analytical test that assays 36 elements from the mineral composition of the hair. It can be a tool to provide a more wholistic and comprehensive picture upon which to base nutritional therapy. Don’t Guess. Get Tested with EatRight-LiveWell.

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