Reset Mid-Year Resolutions for a Happier Healthier You

Photo by Cedric Dhaenens on Unsplash

Photo by Cedric Dhaenens on Unsplash

Beautiful summer weather leaves no doubt summer is not only ON in full force, but the year has passed the half way mark. Recollection of New Year's Resolutions is faint. Passion and desire of force to be somehow better, only six months ago, has faded. If you are like many others, the verve you wrapped around declarations for greater health and happiness has been dashed. 

Goal setting is done with the best of intentions spirited by an inner nudge which may have felt more like a need to avoid a blockade (or think rolling boulder) coming at you. It might have been a little extra pudginess in your waist band or other signs and symptoms your body is burdened by your food choices and healthy function is out of whack. Those signs and symptoms are anything but normal! By the time your body is expressing discomfort externally, a host of dis-ease is occurring internally.  

The inner call to change is the foundation of human nature. Humans want expansion. Humans want growth. Humans need energy to support them with vitality and vigor.  Humans want to find solutions. Not one to shy away from being better and becoming more, you, take it on with big action.

Then with a puttering out (or heavy thud), the call to change disperses.  Call it the flip side of human nature.  You become part of the grim statistic:  Over 90% of New Year Resolutions fail in the first 30 days.

Take heart dear human. You were born to be a creature of habit.  Habits are important measures of what is important to us. Routines shaped by habits can save us time and give a sense of normalcy in a world where otherwise we may feel out of control. Habits ensure we show up when we need to. They become standards by which we live.  Invest patience and perseverance in yourself to make new habits.  New ways of living will be equally strong and bring you what you desire.  

Tam's tips to shape your goals to reality

1. Let go of one worn out action.  Paying attention to how you invest the hours of each day gives us a measure of what no longer serves you wellness.  Letting go is a necessity to keep you aligned with what you want.  Make room for inspired action to up level your life.  

2. The key to success is to support high arching and broad goals with small sustained and aligned behavior.  The little things you do consistently fuel the shift toward what you want.  Rather than declaring I am going to ‘Get Healthy’ or ‘Exercise More’ and then seek to delete every unhealthy behavior at once or become an exercising fanatic, find lasting success when you take it on nice and easy. 

The human body’s brilliant interconnected design lets a small change become a rolling cascade of benefits. 

Example:  Eating a better breakfast will support energy, mood and productivity all day.  A better breakfast also supports better sleep because it assists cortisol (a primary stress management hormone) levels to regulate healthfully.  When you sleep better you will be more energetic, with better mood, and productivity.  Natural detoxification and restoration are normal benefits of better sleep and vital for all aspects of wellness.  

3. Maintain small sustained changes consistently for 21 days and keep going. You are on the brink of making this new behavior a habit.  Only when you feel the shift to a new healthy habit take hold, add one more easy and simple behavior to reach your goal and repeat.  Now you are shifting your mindset which is the basis for a happier healthier lifestyle

Before you know it, the New Year will roll in and you can look back and say I have achieved my goal, feeling more health and happiness.  Give yourself some private applause and take a bow.  You deserve it!

Restore and Protect Your Vital Energy    Contact Tam  for a complimentary 15 minute phone conversation to discuss your wellness goals and where you are stuck; and see if her approach is a fit for you.   

Restore and Protect Your Vital Energy

Contact Tam for a complimentary 15 minute phone conversation to discuss your wellness goals and where you are stuck; and see if her approach is a fit for you.


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