Baby, It’s Too Hot to Cook!

Restore & Protect Your Vital Energy with these Summertime Meals

Relishing the fun of summer is about being out of doors, kicking back, and lightening up your life and workload.  Appetites shift to wanting lighter and juicier foods to naturally keep you hydrated and energized.  Taking advantage of fresh food, more plentifully available is the natural way to enjoy your summertime journey through life whether you are in your own backyard, slice of a patio or on the most glamorous vacation. 

Photo by Johanna Dahlberg on Unsplash

Photo by Johanna Dahlberg on Unsplash

Tam’s Seven Favorite Summertime Meals You Can Live On:

1.  Shrimp, Avocado and Radicchio Salad.  If you don’t have shellfish issues, shrimp is a great summer food because it cooks up in a few minutes.  Be sure to choose deveined shrimp ideally from a ‘wild source’ rather than farmed.  Rinse well in very cold water.  When you have your salad together, gently sauté the shrimp in a little butter, olive oil and garlic.  Top a bed of chopped romaine, diced avocado and my radicchio salad recipe with shrimp on my DIY Wellness page.

2.  Spring Rolls.  The epitome of personalizing your food life, spring rolls give you complete freedom to choose filling you like and find the most appealing at the grocery market.  Shredding the veggies works well to keep them contained in the rice paper wrappers, available at most grocery markets.  Begin by preparing veggies, set out buffet style and then wrap them with rice paper.  It takes practice to become proficient with rice paper, but rest assured even the most unpracticed results are delicious.  Include protein of your choice like shredded chicken or cooked shrimp.  Make an easy sauce with almond butter, tamari or coconut aminos and a little honey and ginger.  Whisk it all together, adjust to taste and dip.  Serve sauce in individual ramekins so your diners dip with abandon (no double dipping concerns).

3.  Quinoa Salad.  Make this tabbouleh like salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced green onions, fresh mint and a light olive oil and lemon dressing with sea salt, pepper to taste.  Substitute diced watermelon for tomatoes for a change.  Add a scoop of garbanzo beans.  Thinly sliced and diced purple cabbage also works well.  Or consider a Tex Mex version with black beans, corn, carrots, and peppers of your choice.  

4.  Antipasto platter.  The ultimate no cook meal… use a variety of chilled meat like chicken, turkey, salmon.  Quality salami and prosciutto in slices is perfect to pair with a variety of sliced cheese, olives, crudités (go wild) especially cucumber, roasted red peppers and pickles.  Fresh basil shouts summertime as an edible garnish. 

5.  Salads.  Make it a full meal with steak, fish and chicken.  Grill up a big batch on the weekend.  Have produce washed and bagged to make it easy to pull out of the refrigerator and arrange on a platter for an instant meal.  A Fresh Wellness Mindset features Kale Salad and Berry Green Salad recipes, perfect to pair with protein.  Both recipes are great for packing lunch.  The book has a total of 19 original everyday food recipes, all easy, delicious and satisfying.

6.  Slow cooker meals.  They aren’t just for stew and roasts.  It minimally heats up your kitchen and dinner is served when you enter the kitchen.  Pulled pork is easy with a roast and a jar of quality (real food ingredients/no – low sugar) BBQ sauce; or chicken breasts with green chile over the top is so tender you can pull it apart with a fork.  You can make overnight oatmeal so breakfast is served when you wake up.

7.  Sardine Salad.  Last but not least, sardines are extremely nourishing.  Even though I find myself hesitant when I open that little can and see those little fish, they never disappoint.  Add quality mayo like avocado mayo (read ingredient labels and check sugar content), chopped veggies like green onion, olives, roasted or fresh peppers which all make a tasty sardine salad.  Keep canned sardines in the refrigerator.  Add a squeeze of lemon to the finished dish for a bright addition.  Serve on quality crackers, sourdough or atop greens and salad fixings of any variety.

These recipe ideas allow you to make personalized preferences to honor your unique preferences and sensitivity.  Developing and honing your intuitive skills to make choices healthful for you gets easier with consistent practice.  Begin by tuning in to what feels satisfying and succulent.  Chewing your food thoroughly helps your body and mind guide you and gives them the full complement of nutrition you are consuming.  Never choose anything depleting whether it is food or activities.  Minimizing cook time in the warmest months while still enjoying yummy satisfying real food will satisfy your energetic needs. 


Restore & Protect Your Vital Energy    Contact Tam  to schedule a complimentary 15 minute call and find out if her approach is right for you.  You can feel better.

Restore & Protect Your Vital Energy

Contact Tam to schedule a complimentary 15 minute call and find out if her approach is right for you.  You can feel better.