Self Care is the Best Health Care

Your inner dialogue guides your wellness status.   If you are like many people, your inner dialogue is a stream of self-doubt and questioning the ideas springing forth from your imagination.  As if a magnet, people gravitate to the ideas others have for them rather than honing their own sense of what is right and good for themselves. 

You see it in your own busy life.  You get mired in thinking you are making the most of the resources and time you have available.  You choose something easy when just a little more effort would give you a much more favorable result.  Be it with food, lifestyle/rest/movement, stress management and relationships, people tend to go with easy and available.  Poor choices or Yeah Butting [Yeah But I’m busy, Yeah But I shouldn’t be so particular, Yeah But this is easy, Yeah But I can make this work… and on and on] will always backfire in your health and well-being. 

Life is a series of cues we receive about what’s right or wrong.  Through the cues we receive from our earliest memories, often the remnant of ill input, there lingers in your subconscious mind and without awareness of how it continues to mold your decisions.  The early cues of wrongness were ill attempts for someone else to get what they want.  As you go through life you filter other people’s communications with you according to the earliest cues holding you hostage to someone else’s baggage. 

Few people act with bad intentions to harm you.   However, it is easy to follow the mainstream when your sensory input has trained you to believe others know what is best for you.  Remember the old proverb, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  Advice givers, be it celebrity endorsements or your best confidant can only come from their own perception.  It is impossible for someone else to know what is best for you. 

3 Tips to Lose Your Yeah Buts and

Love Yourself a Whole Lot More:

1.  Listen to your feelings.  If you don’t know how you feel, begin by listening to your inner self.  Tuning in to the messages of your body is a great way to know if you are aligned with right choices.  Messages show up in the clarity of your thinking, your digestion, your head and even goose bumps for some.  When something goes awry think back to your decision making time and see if you can trace the feeling.   Begin by simply acknowledging good or bad feelings to point you in the right direction.  You are meant to feel good. 

2.  Sink into the idea that you are meant to feel good.  This is your worth.  You are designed by whatever forces you believe imparted the seed of life that made you, to experience wellness.

3.  Ignoring reality of something you are feeling, be it a sign/symptom/message from your body is like ignoring the clanking of your car engine.  The words of Ayn Rand ring true.  She said “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”  Save all the extra effort you will have to make later to reverse effects of avoiding reality.  Step up now and honor yourself with choices to serve you well.

Whether considering a food choice you want to lean to because it is easy [cheap, available, etc] or a relationship that doesn’t line up with whom you really are/what you really want or seems ever so slightly off, staying the course will ultimately backfire.  You can say Yeah But I should not have a problem with this.  However, if you do have a problem with it, then it isn’t right for you.  Bar none.  Your feelings are your true BFF. 

Tam John knows feelings determine healthful choices.  Food, drink, what you do and how you fend off stress all play together and create how well you perpetually rejuvenate yourself.  Tam’s approach guides you to sort out the feelings with enlightened guidance personally aligned for your unique being.  Schedule your ‘Free 15’ for a complimentary conversation with Tam. Interview her and to see if her approach is a fit for you. 

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3 Tips to Love Yourself a Whole Lot More

Loving Self Care is the Best Health Care. Take the next step to love others in your life more, by first loving yourself more. Tam John, Integrative Wellness Leader and Author inspires personally healthful self-care with the EatRight-LiveWell Integrative and Functional approach to Live with Optimal Wellness.

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Schedule your ‘Free 15’  with Tam. Interview her and find out if the  Eat-Right-LiveWell Integrative and Functional Approach  is a fit for you.

Schedule your ‘Free 15’ with Tam. Interview her and find out if the Eat-Right-LiveWell Integrative and Functional Approach is a fit for you.