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Feed Yourself Well

Rendition of a healthful food life: Lots of variety of real lively food - abundant fresh vegetables with quality protein and of course include healthy fat.

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Living a Healthy Happy Life Means You Must Get Your Energetic Needs Met. 

Begin with food to truly nourish your cells, tissues, muscles, brain and every other fiber of your being.  Nonsensical thinking that you don’t have time to eat healthfully or falling prey to consuming laboratory made concoctions more chemicals than real food isn’t living like you deserve to live.  Sooner or later unhealthful choices will catch up with you. When you don’t believe it, don’t know where to start or how to do it; whatever your budget of time and resources or preferences are, I can guide you to ease into better choices. All you have to do is ask and I am here for you.

Notes on Ketogenic Dieting:

Keto dieting, originally designed as an epilepsy treatment, has become a fad touted for weight loss and feeling great.  Keto dieting, as with many popular diets, becomes diluted and irrelevant as people eventually fall off strict regimens.  Giving up well-intentioned efforts to ‘get healthy’ or lose weight then result in a return to the way they were, often heavier with more unhealthful burden on the body and its function.  Followers of keto eating may experience ‘keto flu’ when beginning or going off of the diet.  Actually being in a state of ketosis is complex. If you believe ketogenic dieting may be beneficial for your health, consult with a practitioner who is very knowledgeable and can advise you for your safety.

This diet is as much as 80 – 90% daily dietary fat consumption.  While I believe in the energetic power of healthful fat (your body must be digesting well) and small to moderate quality protein with each meal;  80 – 90% daily dietary fat ketogenic diets call for requires you deprive yourself of healthful complex carbohydrates.  

Complex carbohydrates (which keto restricts) are fuel for your brain.  Their glucose is a source for quick energy and antioxidants.  They are sources of lots of B vitamins and micronutrients needed for energy and minerals needed for skeletal structure.  Low carbohydrate diets may result in mood swings, irritability and confusion.  

Keto eating stresses organs:  The liver gets stressed with too much fat and protein to metabolize.  Because the liver is the body’s chief detoxifying organ, it then places less priority on detoxification to metabolize high fat of keto eating.  Because protein and fat travel together in food nature provides, high fat means more protein. Too much protein turns to sugar in your body.  Kidneys also take on a burden with too much protein to metabolize. 

Elimination becomes problematic without enough foods with high fiber content like veggies and grains. The large intestine becomes bound up resulting in constipation.  Healthful elimination is needed to release toxins from your system.  Constipation is uncomfortable and can result in numerous uncomfortable effects like skin issues, headaches, bloating and more. 

For more on ketogenic dieting read Tam’s article ‘Ketogenic Dieting:  Is it Right for You?’

Tips to make nourishing choices a healthful lifestyle: 

1. Rather than torturing your body’s natural design for wellness, learn to eat personally healthful food Emphasis is on personally healthful food because not all healthy food is healthful for everyone.  When you choose to satisfy your body with a wide variety of healthful food including lots of fresh vegetables and whole fruit; whole grains; quality protein; healthy fat; and plenty of hydration, your body and mind will cue you to stop eating when they are nourished.  You eat only what you need while keeping optimal weight with maximum energy. Yes you can still have treats that will amaze and delight you!   I am an expert in the practice of enjoying year round amazing and delightful treats!  Ask me how to live like this.

2. Read my title A Fresh Wellness Mindset. It is an empowering guide to personalize your food life healthfully while navigating the modern food supply and food sensitivities. Included are 19 everyday all American gluten free recipes for every meal and snacks that big people and little people will love. So good you won’t miss the gluten!

3. Realize when any irritability is expressing itself outward, your body is internally in a state of chaos.  Don’t freak out though, because choices can shift how you feel and calm the inner turmoil. The assessment I engage with clients is precisely brilliant at linking what you are experiencing on the outside to where you will benefit from targeted nutritional therapy and easy lifestyle choices. Yes of course I will guide you every step of the way. Once function is happier and signs/symptoms diminish, shift your food life to a well-balanced healthfully diverse food life. I’ll be here to help you. Health expansion is a journey.

4. Do one thing at a time.  Implementing easy change and practicing it well until it is second nature moves you toward a healthier happier lifestyle that feels good.  Lighten Up Cleanse will guide you to let go of what isn’t working and make room for more of what you do want.  Health expansion is a life journey!

5. Honor your personal preferences.  When any diet or plan is hard or distasteful, it isn’t working.  This is so vitally important I offer a Zero Deprivation Promise to my clients.  I’m with you every step of the way with support, guidance and changes to the plan to meet your changing physiological and psychological needs. 

One of the things I know to be true based on formal training, many years (okay, decades) of life experience and working with people is that the human body doesn’t thrive with deprivation.  Deprivation itself implies a deficiency, scarcity, denial and deficits.  You needn’t suffer to get what you want!  You want sustainable satisfaction and longevity.   

You deserve to feel well and live it up all year long - without deprivation.  The sooner you take the first step the sooner you can feel so much better!  I will be thrilled to be your guide when you are ready!

Be Your Beautiful Self,

Tam John

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