Keep Resolutions Easily

Even though life in the New Year is abundant with resolutions, goals and a new grip on the mindset to bring about your best version of life, most flop quickly.  If your best laid intentions feel a little wobbly, rest assured you are not alone.  Most New Years resolutions fail within 30 days.  

A Fresh Wellness Mindset:  Personalize Your Food Life & Find Your Truth about Gluten is a guide to never have to experience deprivation in your food life again.  Learn to make your food choices all about you.  You can feel good for life.  

 Photo courtesy of Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Seven points to make 2018 your best year:

1.  Not all healthy food is healthy for everyone.  When you aren’t digesting and assimilating your food, even the best food can be more distressful than healthful.  Stressors aren't always  evident until there is significant internal havoc.  Get professional advice if you aren't sure or something feels amiss.  

2.  Food is Information.  The basic premise of making food choices healthy for you is to think of food as information for your body.  Dr. Kelly Brogan says food is indeed information…. And we must move away from the notion that food is just calories for energy (“fuel”) or that food is simply micronutrients and macronutrients (“building blocks”). 

3.  Thinking you can ‘Out-Exercise’ poor food choices because you worked out is a clumsy strategy for weight control or wellness.  Hitting the gym or running trail to work off a toxin laden meal is an unskilled approach to self-care. 

4.  Deprivation isn’t healthy.  If you start your day tired, your diet isn’t working.  If your diet is a ‘reset’ for you to return to what got you to the diet, it is a loser. 

5.  Eating healthfully is about making personalized choices for your unique beautiful body.  You need not ever diet again when you make choices healthy for you.

6.  Don’t eat annoying food.  Sometimes you are fortunate enough to know the food stressor, but sometimes it is innocuous/it ‘should be’ healthy.  Continuing to consume annoying food is like playing with fire.  These foods will continue to create more havoc and dysfunction for your body.  Learn what these foods are for you; avoid them; and then when your body is functioning and will assimilate these foods, work with a qualified practitioner to see if reintroduction is right for you. 

7.  Live Optimally.  Learn which choices are healthy for you.  Not all healthy food is healthful for everyone. Nourishing satisfaction is easy to attain, even for the busiest life.    When you eat right you will have longer burning steady energy for everything you want to do.  

Tam John provides Personalized Holistic Nutrition because one diet isn't right for everyone.  She offers a complimentary 15 minute conversation to find out if her approach is right for you.  Contact Tam John to schedule a call.  because Wellness is True Happiness™

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