Routines Determine Wellness

Back to school routines aren’t just good for kids.  With cool rainy weather in my region the last couple of weeks it isn’t too hard to imagine change in the air.  Shorter days will soon match cooler nights.   Leaves will begin to be shed as we let go to let in more of what we want.  


Photo courtesy of Sanah Suvarna on Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Sanah Suvarna on Unsplash

Life changes marked by a new school year and season are the perfect time of year to think about what we want to bring about.   

Command the change you seek with your choices.  The best changes are the little things we do consistently over time.  Best because they are easy, simple and satisfying.  Best because easy simple choices bring about a multitude of benefits to body and mind. 

Marvel the body’s brilliant design.  Its interconnectedness means one simple change made into a habit can transform your life.  Same as stressors create a cascade of burdened function, you can turn back time to relegate pesky signs and symptoms.  Digestive annoyances, blood sugar spikes and dips, mood/anxiety/depression, and even insomnia can all be relieved with one simple change. 

Behold the beauty of eating a better breakfast.  Making easy effort to have a better breakfast consistently translates to living a more energetic life and being able to get a restful night sleep.

Breakfast’s reputation as the most important meal of the day is rightfully earned.  When we are eating in balance with the cycles of our body, breakfast breaks the fast from dinner until rising after a good night sleep.  Think of breakfast as fueling you for the day ahead.  Without a breakfast comprised of quality protein, healthy fat and complex carbohydrates (squeeze in a green veggie here and there) you can spend the rest of the day trying to make up for it, feeling wobbly from blood sugar tipsiness along your way through your day. 

Impacts of poor blood sugar regulation show up in performance at school and work.  You may get ‘hangry’ before you make it to lunch or dinner.  Headaches, fatigue, irritability and moodiness are not how you should be getting through your day.  Grazing on food throughout the day is not a good option to avoid ‘hangry’.  Frequent eating is detrimental to the pancreas because insulin must be released when we eat to signal the body to use or store the glycogen (blood sugar from food).  You need long burning sustained energy!

Beyond feeling poor, blood sugar dysregulation is a multi pronged health issue adversely impacting likelihood of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and Cancer.  Cortisol, the stress hormone, gets overly involved in blood sugar regulation when stress and digestion are burdened.   The adrenals become overly involved causing stress to healthy cortisol regulation, impacting sleep cycles.  Feelings of chronic stress result.    Marvel the interconnected design of the body.   Small change flows to big happy impact!

With a little pre-preparation and planning it is easy to transform your morning kickoff with a delicious and satisfying breakfast.  You know you’re doing breakfast right when your energy level remains steady until lunch time, four to six hours beyond eating breakfast. 

Here’s how to kickoff your day with a great breakfast:

·         Choose real food (real food is grown and raised in nature) ingredients. 

·         Be sure to include quality protein and healthy fat for long burning energy. 

·         Add in a veggie for kicks and you are sure to light up the day. 

·         Think eggs, nitrate free sausage and ham topped with a handful of spinach, wild fish, butter, coconut oil, sizzling zucchini rounds, whole milk full fat plain yogurt with a handful of almonds, … you get the idea. 

·         Experiment to find your best breakfast groove and routine.

·         Have a Go To weekday/workday/school day breakfast to set you up for ease.

·         Make something ahead for the coming week of breakfasts to carry you through.  Maybe Coconut Milk/Chia/Nut cups are your thing; or hard boiled eggs (pre-peel them) with allowable grain toast and nut butter; or nitrate free sausage patties with zucchini rounds and a paleo protein muffin; or try my Breakfast Pizza recipe posted on my website

If you aren’t hungry for breakfast let’s talk because this may indicate an important nutrient is missing.  You should be hungry in the morning and be eager to fuel yourself for your day ahead. 

My specialty is offering personalized ideas for Easy Healthy Meals in sync with your bio-chemistry and modern busy life.    The approach I offer is personalized for my clients because we all deserve a personal approach to eating for life.   Satisfying.  Delicious.  Easy & Simple.  Guaranteed. 

In Health,

Tam John

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. This article has not been reviewed by the FDA. Always consult with your primary care Physician or Naturopathic Doctor before making any significant changes to your health and wellness routine.