Smart Risk

Inspiration to Live your Best Life

The question is begged:  How do we set our compass to keep up with our dreams so life doesn’t pass us by AND keep our feet on the ground with our obligations? 

When we seek to move forward with expansion of our life we explore the fit for new possibilities. There are many prospects for the unfoldment of a life we love.  We owe ourselves leeway for the exploration of our highest calling. 

High callings can be recognized by the ideas and thoughts which occur to us when we are quiet with ourselves.  Through our imagination, with our senses and having tactile interactions through experience we are drawn to move in a direction which we want to define our life.  Good feelings like joy and satisfaction are evidence of high callings.  High callings emit a spark when we use our best imagination.  Imagination aligns with our desired dreams.  Heartfelt happy emotion becomes the catalyst for taking action. 

All risk is not created equal.  Some risk has large odds of failing.  Each person is unique in their tolerance for risk.

Tips to Bring Dreams to Fruition:

·         Smart people avoid dumb risk.  Dumb risk doesn’t feel good.

·         Smart people listen to their deep center. 

·         Smart people don’t bother with action that feels out of alignment with happy emotions.

·         Smart people calculate their risk tolerance.

·         Smart people are grounded and solid in their ability to keep commitments.

·         Smart people build self reliability to be the biggest version of them.

When I heard one of my heroes, Dr. Wayne Dyer say: ‘Don’t Die with your Music Still in You’, my deep center was touched. My deep center truly knows me, seemingly more than I know myself at times. My deep center is the purest essence of me, untainted by input and perceptions of others.  My deep center is the part of me that generates sparks.  In my best alignment, I actually feel sparks bursting from my head when realization of a deep desire shows up.  The first time I found out I was going to be published in a styling glossy magazine AND get paid for my contribution sparks flew!  There was no denying I was on to something!  What do you feel when your deep center guides you?

Do it for yourself.  Who hasn’t been the recipient of looks of dismay when we seek to explain ourselves to others, so they will understand us? I’ve incorrectly thought someone knew me and would want to know me more or I wanted someone’s understanding when I’ve sought to explain a part of me which approached my deep center. This egotistical gibberish is not well invested. Seeking to gain another person’s understanding of the dreams of our deep center is unfair to our self and to the other person.

Personal power lives within us and only within us.  Through our focus of thought we engage our personal power to achieve anything and everything we desire.  Ever heard the phrase:  What you think about you bring about?  Hell Yeah.  Use your focus of thought for your best interest. 

Resist the idea that adversity is a show stopper.  No one’s life is a cake walk.  Life isn’t designed that way.  Resist the notion that the challenges and difficulties are opposed to your success.  Through them you can find more strength and resilience leading to a perfect set up for creating a life you love.   


Many paths are possible. We don’t often see the big map of how our desired destiny will unfold. Each step, as easy or difficult as it is, is getting us ready for the unfolding of a dream. It isn’t always possible to see the end from the beginning although we dream it every step of the way.

Enjoy the view from where you are now. A winding trail is the most beautiful way to travel.