A Fresh Wellness Mindset

Learn to Love Food that Loves You Back

Inspire and Empower Personalized Healthful Choices.

Supportive for every choice to consume or not consume gluten grains and honor food sensitivities. Includes 19 all-American recipes big people and little people love.

‘A Fresh Wellness Mindset’ guides you to cultivate vital energy for a better feeling life. 

The book is a guide toward a nourishing food life. It isn’t about one diet. This is a modern handbook for Personalized Nutrition.

Reading ‘A Fresh Wellness Mindset’, you will learn why not all healthy food is healthful for everyone.

You will learn how to make choices to stay healthy or find a path meant to restore you. 

You will learn to navigate the modern food supply with ingenuity.

The book is loaded with experience and backed by science.  It is full of tips, ideas, and recipes to find your way to make personally healthful choices.  Read book reviews here.  

You will learn to resolve your ‘Yeah Buts’ (excuses keeping you away from vibrant health and wellness). 

You will learn to avoid imposter food. You will learn to make the best choices available everywhere. 

You will learn to healthfully choose satisfaction and avoid deprivation.